Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Split Decision

Taken February 17, 2012.

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  1. Wow. Love the lighting effect - nature sure does grand things, eh?

    Glad it's Wednesday. Tiring week as my body is still working on catching up to normal (whatever that is).

    Janet, sending you loads of good vibes for Danni.

    Hoping for a great day for all of us!

  2. God: "Hey Andi, check this out!" applies haze filter to world

    Small taters in the big scheme of things, but Big V & Skylar are both here & probably will be all week. This had better work out today, because Cousin Splat (Skylar's dad) has my car to get to his job. (He works at the Humane Society, decided he liked the work after doing community service there.) So I'm working at home today. I may go in tomorrow, depending on what happens today. So far, it's not promising.

    Here's hoping Danni & everyone else are much better today!

  3. Andi, it's amazing how often you find spots in the forest where it looks like there just might be an entrance to some kind of fairy-world right nearby. Whenever I finally get over there I'm going to have to bring two extra memory cards for my camera.

    I am actually not coping well with the medical/billing stuff. The big thing with the biopsy (besides cancer scare, which was stressful enough thanks!), is that I have had a metal allergy ever since I was a little kid. I can't even wear earrings for more than a few days without getting an infection, no matter how pure the metal. This has actually cost me thousands of dollars in dentistry as well as one of the important molars (dentists keep telling me the only way to replace it is with metal into the jawbone to hold an implant, which will slowly eat away my jawbone). The clip they tried to put into me a hundred damn times was metal. It would have been dangerous to me, and while they can insert it with a core biopsy needle, it would have required an actual surgery to remove it. So I was just starting to come down from the stress of barely avoiding having that happen to me and here comes this f*n bill. I'm already half-crazy, and this experience moved my needle up a few notches. (Down a few notches? Don't confuse me with directions!)

    Larry, all my sympathies on your stress and I hope your pal is able to get the care s/he needs to recover soonest. And thank you so much for such kind words.

    Fwiw, Medicare also knocks these cocky jerks down several pegs by adjusting what they're allowed to bill out -- a very sharp downward adjustment. It is, by far, the best health insurance I have ever had. Everyone in the country should just be in the Medicare program, as it would save tens of thousands of lives every year plus solve a ton of associated financial problems. If the ruling class weren't so intent on grinding everyone else under their bootheels for fun and profit while trying to take us all back to the robber baron days, we could all have decent healthcare and better lives.

  4. Hi, all. Love this picture and agree that it is an entrance into Fairie.

    Jen, hope all gets better soon, though I think robber baron was too progressive for some of the Republicans!

    Janet, here's hoping it is just gas.

    Larry, hope it all works out. And Maria, normal is overrated!

    May the week get better for us all!

  5. Dina, heh, yeah I know right? Feudal era? Dark Ages, maybe? Hopefully the wheel of fate has something better in mind.

  6. Hi all.

    Sniff and Bebo and I made the annual trip to the vet for all their shots and general check-up. After much drooling, shedding, and shivering (and not all of it by me), we are back home and gradually recovering our equilibrium.

  7. Aww, extra treats for everyone!

  8. Already done, Jen. But they both thank you for the kind thought ... and promise when you come visit they will show you all the niftiest places to take photos.

  9. I hope you weren't involved in the piddle puddle, too Andi :)

    (((Jen)))) I am so sorry. I wish our country was more honorable when it came to helping people rather than killing them.

    Danni is home after some blood work and other nasties. She's going back in the morning for an ultra sound. Good news is they no longer suspect her appendix as the pain is up higher and not ever worsening. Frustrating. Thanks to all the good vibes.