Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow It Goes

Taken February 12, 2012.

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  1. No snow, just rain all day yesterday and fire alarms last night at 10 p.m.

    Try scrambling to catch a frightened cat (the new alarms are ear-splittingly loud) whilst feeling like death warmed over. Not so easy.

    I eventually made it out (down 6 flights of stairs to back entrance, thankfully on the 5th floor). Don't know the source of the alarm, but we were let back in the building within 15 minutes.

    Today, I'm still out of it. Going to head to urgent care clinic when they open. I now suspect flu. Bah.

    Andi, BTW - Dina emailed me yesterday that she doesn't seem to be able to login/post & asked if you would email her to help.

    TTFN & thanks for the get well wishes.

  2. Maria, I don't have Dina's email address. Could you email her for me? I'm not really sure what to tell her, though. Things I would try would be to clear the cache and if that didn't work to delete any 40 acres and/or blogger cookies. She could also try a different browser if she has one.

    One other thing is that she can post by choosing 'Anonymous' until the problem get resolved.

  3. Andi - forwarded your post to Dina. Hope it works. I think it's probably just Blogger weirdness.

    I'm sitting here, counting down until I can go to the clinic - they open at 9. :(

  4. Morning all! Winter March-es away, huh? If, that is, it gave you more than a nod and a wink & pooted a little snow once. Last night was a waste of a perfectly good tornado watch; we got nothing more than a mild thunderstorm with a good dousing of warm rain. I'm not expecting a wild storm season here; we had several heavy hitters in January & an early start has always meant a low peak here. Then again, with The Year Without a Winter, that could change.

    Dina, if you're reading this, you might want to check your browser add-ons for anything new and strange. I had Yahoo slip a "Browser Plus" extension into mine last month & it about wrecked the performance. You could always try switching browsers just to see if things work better (and if they do, you know you need to clear cache or reset it).

    I have to agree about Blogger funkiness. Google is tweaking it and not all the tweaks are good ones just now.

    Miming at home. It's already 60F out there, so I might be on the patio this afternoon or as soon as the chairs dry!

  5. Finally!

    I had to use three browsers before I could get in!

    Funnily enough, I had no trouble posting on Farf's blog. But I am very glad to be back.

  6. I have hit the trifecta.

    * acute bronchitis
    * sinusitis
    * norovirus (though this is minimal now)

    Just got back from Minute Clinic with antibiotics & cough meds.

    Did anyone see that semi whot hit me?

  7. Hey all - life continues to zoom past. How did I miss almost a week of posting? Sending get well wishes to Wayne and Maria. Since Blogger ate my blog last year I don't have a lot of good things to say about it, except that I enjoy reading some of my friends' blogs on it....

    My stomach bug's almost gone, after a week. Family leaves Sunday. Work is slow. Weather is gorgeous. That's the report from NEFL. Back to your regularly scheduled programming....

    Will be back when life slows to a crawl again...

  8. Get well, Wayne, Maria and Beth. Sounds like none of you are having any fun. Maria, Laura had the norovirus a few years ago and still remembers it with deep horror.