Thursday, March 15, 2012

Naturally Accidental Terrarium

Taken February 23, 2012.

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  1. If I could save time in a bottle....

    Not!Winter is rapidly devolving into early summer as today's temps reach the mid-80s with bonus!rain. UGH. At least the office building folks have turned on the a/c - not so much at my apts. ::swelters::

    Digging out summer weight clothing is a bit of a chore, especially as I'm realizing I am in short supply of such. Last year, I did a big purge, and was going to do some replacing, only I wasn't thinking I'd have to do it quite so soon!

    I truly hate, hate, hate clothes shopping. I do it online, because I hate going to stores even more. Luckily, there are a couple of stores I frequent because I know the fit.

    On that note, happy Thursday, all!

  2. You might say that terrarium is frozen in time…

    Maria, I hate clothes shopping too… oh wait, you're talking about for yourself. Wife just brings me stuff, I put it in my closet as part of the rotation. I should purge & replace too, but I hate the idea of tossing good clothes just because they're not the right style/size. Styles come back if you wait long enough. ;-)

    Already sunny & 60 here, and on the way to 80. I opened the windows just to get some air moving around. We took Mason & Skylar to the county park, where they have a good size (and fenced-in) playground, along with supper. Only problem was they didn't want to leave. :-D

    Seriously considering sneaking off to write a flash that came to mind as I was helping Mason get to sleep last night. So Happy It's Thursday!

  3. Larry - I'm *so* not into buying "style" clothing - my style is jeans or yoga pants + tshirts/pullovers. In that, I'm totally like my protagonist and unlike the stereotypical female. It's part of my overall geekdom, I guess.

    I tend to purge about every 3 yrs or so as stuff gets worn/stained, etc.

  4. Great image. A little photoshopping could turn that into looking a lot like an underwater city made from natural materials.

    Styles totally DO come back around (although my tastes lean towards the classics that never really go out of style, like the stuff Katharine Hepburn used to wear) but my waistline is in eternal flux. I always need new pants, even if I just bought new pants. I am flummoxed by pants and cannot buy them without trying them on, even if it's a familiar label and brand, so I always have to schlep my ass to the stores. As a middle-aged queer white woman who self-describes as "single and hiding", this thing where I always look like I'm either a cougar in hot-pants or a plumber who second-shifts as a rapper is starting to get pretty ridiculous, lol.

    Happy day to you all!

  5. I am with Maria on the clothes issue. I only require two things - adequate coverage and comfort. That's it.

    Jen, go for the plumber look but avoid the crack!

  6. I am a lifetime member of the I Hate Clothing Shopping Club. But I don't order clothes online because I've had as much as 3 sizes variation in how things fit me. Fortunately, I pretty much live in t-shirts and jeans or shorts. I haven't had a dress or skirt on in well over 10 years.