Saturday, March 31, 2012


Taken about a month earlier than normal on March 24, 2012.

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  1. We don't get mayapples on Planet Georgia. I have fond memories of morel hunting in early spring, picking a mayapple leaf & using it to wave away the orbiting bugs.

    Yeah, I woke up early. I slept all night for a change and got in nearly 8 hours. But that was only 20 minutes before Mason woke up anyway. :-P His latest funny: he lines up his cars and calls it his homework. The renter has three grandkids (triplets!) in 2nd grade, give or take, and I think he heard it from them when he spent Wednesday down there.

    I'm expected to drag the wife & Big V down to the burbs today, so Big V can try on a dress. Fortunately, I have a MSS to keep me occupied, plus a Kindle and iPhone. (I'm hoping they don't drag the toddlers along, but if there's a way to wife out my weekend there's definitely the will.)

    Time for coffee #2…

  2. Hmm, I commented yesterday, but it seems to have vanished...

    HUGE storm just rolled through - really exciting, but they never last long enough. At least everything is wet and fresh and green - the parched earth says thankyouverymuch.

    Up at 2:45 this morning - at least I got my work done early as a result. Family is heading home, so spent the afternoon cleaning and putting the house back together. Music tonight and tomorrow - woo hoo! The perfect way to spend a weekend. Too bad I'll miss the games tonight, tho.

    Hope everyone is having a relaxing day...

  3. With the weird spring we're having, Larry, I have no idea when people are going to be looking for morels. But whenever they do, I'm betting they'll be a lot of them.

    Have a great time listening to the music, Beth. Sounds like a fine weekend.