Friday, March 2, 2012

Life Imitates Art: Jasper Johns

Taken February 13, 2012.

Click image to see larger version


  1. ... continued from yesterday.

    Working outside in the warmth sounds just lovely, Larry ... except for the working part.

    Glad you were finally able to comment, Dina.

    Howdy Beth. Don't be such a stranger. :)

    Did that upper midwest winter storm get you, Kelly?

    And most of all, get well soon Maria. Virtual pats and fluffs and heading your way.

  2. I know! Days fly by unnoticed...gotta jump off the hamster wheel every now and then. Catching up on email this morning before I start my day. Love the icy picture - it's gonna be 82 here today, so the only ice is in my freezer. The mild winter means lots of bugs and allergies in full swing, but it's been nice not to be cold. Anyway, TGIF, y'all. I'm off to start my day. Hope you have fun plans for the weekend!

  3. Gorgeous ice!

    Thanks for the virtual pats & fluffs, Andi. :)

    I totally LOVE modern medicine. Antibiotics FTW. I'm feeling better today, though will still be at home and not @ the mimes. Did a lot of napping/reading yesterday after clinic visit. I've managed to catch up on C.E. Murphy's Walker Papers series and am now reading the most recent one (released this week), Raven Calls.

    Started watching MISFITS (via Hulu Plus) - am HOOKED! Twisted dark comedy UK show. Just the way I like them.

    Beth, glad you're feeling better!


  4. What a wonderful picture! I just love this.

    Maria and Beth, glad you are both better. Hard to believe, Beth, that you are having temps in the 80s.

    Enjoy, everyone.

  5. I did indeed spend part of the work day outside yesterday. It got a little warmer than expected, even. We took Mason and our lunch outside for some sunshine & fresh air, because that usually does wonders for naptime. ;-) I'm calling this "The Winter That Wasn't." I know I'm tempting fate, but we're already getting April's violent weather in the first days of March.

    Beth, good to see you back! Hope everyone continues to get better.

    Remember when I used to do "Conversations" side-posts with White Pickups? I did one with our Accidental Sorcerer friend. And I posted a little more story this morning. Things are coming to a head…

    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

  6. The bugs and humidity, Beth, are enough to make not jealous of your weather.

    Excellent news that you are feeling better, Maria.

    Thanks, Dina.

    Enjoyed the continuation of the story, Farf.

    We're having interesting weather. There are severe storms and even tornadoes all around us but we are sitting (so far) in a little DWZ*. Just some rain and occasional wind.

    * de-weatherized zone

  7. Poor Maria! Hope you feel better.

    I'm feeling tons better with the non-dairy pro-biotics kicking in and I've cut back on coffee big time. It was really tearing up my tummy.

    Good news sorta. Had a BIG fight with social security last Friday. Then all of a sudden Wes gets a check from them. Not a large one but no paperwork or anything, no case manager name nothing. So we opened up a payee account for him at a credit union. Local one. So at least we know he is now deemed eligible. Now... to get his retro from when he turned 18. (any rethugs reading, plz don't confuse SSI with welfare) tsk.

    Wayne is feeling much better, thank you!

    Had a freaky weather time here. Lots of sun followed by snow. So all our early bulbs are now dead.

    Wes is working a game tomorrow. Early day game. He's totally loving working for the Winter Hawks.

    Have a great weekend peeps. (Thought of you Farf, yesterday Wayne took several from work to Rama Thai so he just had to take me to lunch there today.