Thursday, March 8, 2012

Go and No Go

Taken February 18, 2012.

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  1. It's my Friday and I'll party if I want to.... (sings)....

    Wow, what a looong week - only made so by being post-illness. Hoping today will go smoothly.

    Lots of fabulous spring weather, though.


  2. Morning all!

    Janet, I hope it's something minor with Danni. I had what must have been either gas or some kind of muscle pain last week — it started centered just under my sternum, then slowly migrated to the right & faded out.

    Speaking of "go," one of my tweeps has a scifi/romance novel up for free on the Kindle Store just for today. Might be fun!

    Last night… *sigh* Wife decided to put on a movie for her & Big V to watch while I was trying to get Mason to sleep. He finally zorched out into the first 10 minutes or so, allowing me to escape. Or so I thought: after the movie, she came in and bent my ear about for 20 minutes — totally ignoring my "trying to be polite but really not caring about this" look.

    Well, the mimes have followed me home again. Hoping for some warm weather this afternoon so I can take the laptop out back!

  3. Waves to everyone.

    Larry, sorry about the bad company. Hopefully gone soon.

    Maria, thanks, I am going to be singing that for some time now.

    Hope everyone has a good Friday.

  4. Man, I wander off for a bit to deal with life stress and come back to find everyone else is soaking in the stuff too. Major hugs all around for various and sundry ills on the part of peoples, pets, and anyone I'm missing in there.