Monday, March 5, 2012

Finding Perspective

Taken February 21, 2012.

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  1. Morning, gang! I have survived and am feeling more like myself (ish). Less energy than I'd like, but no longer feel as if a truck ran over me.

    Thanks again for all your get-well wishes!

    Facing a rainy, cold day. Bah.

  2. No rain here, just wind. Lots of wind. Good to hear you're feeling better, Maria!

    Jim (from yesterday), next time: under-expose, convert to B&W, then fiddle with exposure. You might get something worth keeping that way. I stumbled on that trick a few years ago, rescuing a nice shot of a lay-up at a HS basketball game.

    Hope everyone has a good week, especially Janet. ;-)

  3. Hi, all. Maria, glad you are feeling better.

    Larry, we have wind also but not too badly. Lovely day, really.


  4. Sat and Sun were our wind days - only it was 85 on Sat and 60 on Sun, which made a big difference! And of course I was outside for a gig yesterday, and froze my rear quarters off. Back to 70 and peaceful today. Heading to Planet GA for the rest of the week to play in the woods with my guy - nice birthday present, huh? See y'all on Friday - a healthy and happy week to everyone!

  5. Hmmm, my comment got ate-d. Let's try again! We had wind here all weekend. Fri and Sat were much more pleasant at 85 degrees - of course I was outside listening to music in the wind at 60 yesterday, which was pretty chilly - especially when the sun went down. Still a stellar weekend. And today is 73 and sunny...why am I not out by the pool?

    Off to Planet GA tomorrow for the rest of the week - more rambling in the woods with my guy. A few unwired days will do me good, I'm sure. Y'all take care, stay healthy and happy and warm, and I'll check in on Friday!

  6. Hi Maria, Larry, Dina, and Beth. We had snow here but it was only an inch or so and it's all gone now.