Friday, March 16, 2012

Everything is Black and White

Taken February 25, 2012.

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  1. Oh, wow, love the play of light & shadow here! Great pic, Andi!

    Am up early b/c of doc appt - just a follow up with the sleep doc, nothing exciting. Still far too warm here - got up into the 80s yesterday plus humidity = my apt is to bloody hot. Got all my fans going, but sleep was rather difficult last night.

    This weather is insane.

  2. I second the love, Andi. Looks like a slingshot in the middle there. What could the other things be?????

    Maria, good luck with the doctor.

    Quiet day here which is nice.

  3. The beauty in overexposure!

    Gotta blast off to the mimes, but wanted to say hi first. Y'all keep it real!

  4. \daily rant

    I've been driving for 31 years. Of those, I've been licensed for 26 and paying auto insurance throughout that entire time. I have never caused an accident, and I have never filed a claim for any reason whatsoever. My last ticket was over 15 years ago and it was for expired tags. My present car is 5 years old, its internal computer pegs my average speed at 30mph, I paid cash for it new so there's no lien-holder, it lives in the garage, it has an alarm, and it has 8800 miles on it -- that's less than 2k miles/year.

    My insurance company had the gall to raise my rates and when I called to ask why, they said, "General rate increase." Now, I put it more politely than this, but I essentially asked whether they were stupid to understand How Insurance Works, because THEY need ME, it ain't the other way around. It's drivers like me who pay all their claims, but they would not budge. And it will cost them because I promptly called another company -- and one with a better reputation -- got a much lower quote on the first call, and switched immediately. So eat that, company-name-that-rhymes-with-excessive.

    /daily rant

    Happy near-weekend, everyone!

  5. *delurks* Hi all. Still not dead. *relurks*

  6. Here's something that doesn't happen everyday: we got a surprise upgrade to our satellite internet system -- whole new system that is much faster than the old one (as much as 10 times!). It's not as fast as cable modems but it is faster than a lot of DSL. First time we've watched a youtube at home and not had to wait for it to buffer. Too bad we still have the usage limit. Or maybe a good thing since I won't be able to give in to the temptation to spend all day watching videos.

    Hope the temps cool down or the A/C gets turned on, Maria.

    I thought the whole thing was the Nessie the Loch Ness Monster, Dina. :)

    Hi back, Larry. And happy almost weekend.

    I love a happy ending to a rant, Jen. I hope a lot of people do the same to them.