Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Distant Views

Three views of a sundog taken February 28, 2012.

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  1. Happy first day of summer! Just like we skipped winter, now we're skipping spring -- it's going to be 86 today.

  2. Egads, Andi - I do not envy you the temps. I think the only reason we're not getting up there is because it's thunderstorm Tuesday. One's headed this way with high winds & loads of rain. Bah.

    Days like this, I'd rather be napping.

  3. Send that thunderstorm my way, Maria! We're heavily in drought status, and could use the moisture. Plus I love them! Weird weather, all the way around. 77 and sunny here today, a carbon copy of yesterday. And the day before. And the day before....

    Yesterday was kind of a down day. Today better be better...sometimes I need to grow cojones.

    Off and running - happy day, y'all!

  4. The middle pic resembles an Angry Tiki Mask. Who pissed off the weather gods? I saw where parts of North Dakota hit the 90s yesterday. Chicago's temps are 44 degrees above normal. Makes our low 80s look almost normal. Meanwhile, out west, they're getting their winter & ours. Wunderground had a pretty good explanation of the pattern producing this weirdness and the things driving it.

    We're in a needed drying-out week. Small chance of rain tomorrow, none today, another ride to work day for me!

    Maria, stay dry; Beth, stay wet!

  5. Hi, all. Larry, I thought the middle one looked like tire tracks - someone driving through the clouds.

    We've got weather in the 70s which is not so bad, apparently. We could use some rain here too.

    Everyone, have a good one!

  6. Who pissed off the weather gods?

    Probably the same aunt-porker who put the ram in the rama lama ding dong. I never liked that guy. Always looked shifty to me.

    Best wishes all around, y'all!

  7. Vernal equinox arrived at 1:14 am (EDT).
    Pulled the first tick of the season off me at 11:32 am (EDT)

    Soon the air will be filled with the scent of DEET.

  8. It's really hot, Maria, but Jim and I refuse to run the air conditioner in effing March.

    The weather, Beth, just seems to be at one kind of extreme or another everywhere. Hope you get some rain soon and a better day right away.

    I can kinda sorta maybe see that Tiki Mask, Larry.

    We're not getting back to the 70s until the weekend, Dina. The only upside of this hot weather is that there are already trees showing green and bunches of wildflowers.

    That was an aunt-porker that did that!?! Well, Jen, learn something new everyday. ;)