Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Clean Well Lighted Place

Taken February 21, 2012.

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  1. Hi, all.

    Lovely view. Wish I were there.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful pic, Andi.
    I can smell the brisk, fresh air.

    Spring Break has Sprung!!!
    Not any too soon. Monday I fly to Denver for a few days with writing teacher friend Margie Lawson in Boulder. She lives on a mountain top. WooHoo. I think the weather is actually supposed to be okay too. Not Blizzardy.

    We are expecting rain later today and got a bit the last couple of days. Not so much measurable as just enough to wet things down and be dreary. Cold too. Well 50 now as the high for the day isn't so cold but for us winter whimps it is. I'm hoping to mow in a bit before the next wave of rain hits. The grass/weeds is growing, growing, growing this time of year.

    Last Sunday, Brother-in-law and I went to nursery and got four bushes to plant in front flower bed. He got things all clean and neat, but need to plant now so it doesn't look so barren between the holly bushes at the windows. Fun to look at plants and have some help growing things. Andi and Jim I do envy the lack of yard you have to maintain. Margie's the same way on the mountain. Us urbanites are the crazy ones with big lawns.

    Wishing you all a great weekend and coming week.
    Cyberhugs to All.

  3. …and a lovely view to boot! Weekly rentals?

    Hi Dina!

    Lisa, hooray for Spring Break! Hope you get lots of writing done up on the mountaintop. I dug up some of the oddball hollies that have sprung up around the manor, need to either transplant or sell 'em.

    Daughter Dearest is fed up with living where she's living, so she's moving home for the duration. She said it only takes her an hour to get to the school if she leaves at 6. You can do that when you're young and energetic. :-D Anyway, I'm helping her grab the rest of her stoof today.

    Off to it!

  4. What a beautiful picture! Back from the woods, where I had a stellar birthday. Now trying to get used to being in the real world again. Big hugs to all who've had a rough week. Nice to see Lisa and Jen and other old friends popping in.

    Off to try to remember what I'm supposed to be doing here in the real world, while wishing I was back amongst the trees....

    Happy Saturday, y'all!

  5. Wish you were here too, Dina. :)

    How cool, Lisa. That will be a great way to spend your break.

    Ugh. I couldn't stand driving two hours every day. DD, not surprisingly, has the right stuff.

    Happy Birthday, Beth! Glad you had a great one.

  6. I used to commute 2+ hours every day on I-95 from right near the Miami Int'l Airport all the way north through Dade County, through the Golden Glades Interchange (known to locals as the Golden Glades Collision Center) & into Broward County, then took the FL turnpike to my job in Hollywood. This would take 3+ hours on a regular basis due to: accidents; concerts; ball games; or just a random naked dude who'd decided to make hisself a rope swing and hang off the overpass waving at folks. ::trump card has been played::

    Happy Birthday to Beth and safe travels to Lisa!