Tuesday, March 6, 2012


What do you see?
If you want to know my ideas, see this version [LINK].

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  1. Here there be dragons!

    Happy Tuesday, gang - back to the normal routine with a bit of a chill in the air.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

  2. How very cool!!

    Off to my own set of woods, where I'll look for something as cool as this to photograph......

    Have a great week, y'all!

  3. Pop Quiz: Nature's Rorschach

    left: reptilian-humanoid-alien-hybrid
    center top: big marine turtle climbing out of the ocean onto the sand to lay eggs
    center bottom: vampire bat
    right: bouquet of wildflowers with some petals blowing away on the breeze

  4. Those are wonderful! Interesting titles, Jen.

    Hope everyone is having a good day today.

  5. Wow, is that stuff cool or what? Dragons, flowers, bugglies…

    I'm torturing the living hell out of Mik these days. Poor kid. :-D

  6. Wicked cool! I've noticed the little Nature's ink blot art while getting the deck restained. I always feel bad about it.

    Been fluish. Stayed home yesterday and Danni came home early due to pains in her right belly. Dad's worried about her appendix so going in to Doc's today.

    Glad Maria is feeling better. And I'm loving seeing more of Jen!

    I watched COlbert and Jon Stewart and signed dozens of petitions to Flush Rush. But I want to get going on the Republican Ayatollah's war on us.

  7. update: Took Danni to doctors and it appears we're on an appendix watch. If the pain worsens, we go in to the er tonight. If it stays the same, we go back for a re-examine tomorrow morning. It's not low enough to actually be ovarian issues. I was horrible with ovarian cysts at her age - and why the Navy docs put me on birth control pill at 14. (hear that Rush and Gov Perry!?!?! You scum sucking women haters!)

    Work is being lenient about my staying home. Whew! Just keeping an eye on the kiddo. And I showed her Jon Stewart and Colbert's shows about Rush today LOL.

  8. Dina, my brain is a strange and scary place. Don't ever go in there without your towel and a picnic basket full of supplies, just in case. ;)

    Best wishes to lil Danni, I hope it's just gas. (Don't tell her I hope she has gas, lol!)

    I'm in a snit because the local hospital just billed me $4600 for my recent breast biopsy. Well, I have Medicare, so they actually billed most of y'all along with me. You are thus entitled to know that I told those pushy jerks at least 10 different times (seriously, at least 10, and probably closer to 20) that I did NOT want a metal clip marker inserted into my breast. I not only crossed out the portion of my consent form where some jerk-nurse had "helpfully" given my consent on my behalf even though I had already told her "NO CLIP" as well, I also hand wrote "I DO NOT CONSENT TO THE INSERTION OF ANY MARKER" and then made my doc initial it alongside mine. One of the other nurses STILL tried to put that damn thing in me at the end of the procedure, and while I managed to flee the facility without them popping the clip into me on the way out with some kind of peashooter-like-device, those jerkity-jerks sure enough billed me for damn clip.

    Can't tell if the overcharge is $450 or $1600 -- even on the itemized statement that I had to make a special request for, as if it were a favor rather than a fundamental responsibility of every for-profit corporation -- due to the baffle-the-patient-with-bs billing procedure codes they use. If my next phone call doesn't settle the matter in a clear, fair, and reasonable fashion, the phone call after that one goes to a great white shark wearing an Armani suit and an Esq. after her/his name. I will keep you all posted as to whether I ultimately have to form a corporation (hmm, S-corp or LLC?) for my breast in order to get my complaint taken seriously.

  9. Janet, oh no, I'm so sorry you're having to surgery-watch over her, that sort of thing is so scary when it's your kid. Fingers crossed for a big fart of relief!

  10. Ditto, I hope Danni has gas too!

    Jen, your health is worth my tax money. But I do appreciate you tackling the overcharges!

    One of my tweeps had a mild heart attack yesterday. Crap crap crap. OK, universe, you can stoppit now. The wife's poison oak is a mere annoyance.

  11. Janet, hope all goes well with Danni. Lots of good vibes from all of us to you.

    Hope you didn't work too hard today, Maria.

    Have fun in the woods, Beth.

    I like your ideas, Jen. Too bad on the billing crap. I hate dealing with stuff like that. Hope it doesn't end up driving you too crazy.

    Hi Dina.

    Sorry about your twitter friend. If there isn't much damage, it could be a good thing. After my stepfather had a mild heart attack in his 70s, he really started taking care of himself and made it to 91.