Saturday, February 18, 2012


Taken January 30, 2012.

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  1. ZOMG, I SLEPT 8 HRS!! (only 1 wakeup)

    This is truly awesome.

    Ahem, back to your regularly scheduled programming, which for me, seems to be old episodes of Hoarders via Netflix. I am fascinating by the complex underlying psychology and well, yes, the absolute train wreck that is these people's homes. All is not lost as I have the glimmer of an idea for a novel.

    Have a fabulous weekend, all!

  2. Morning all! Gold is the sun slipping through the blinds this morning. Rain comes in around noon & stays the rest of the weekend, though. Grrrr.

    Jen! Glad to see you back, unlinked or otherwise! I have two words for you: Powder. Blue.

    Maria, good to hear about the 8 hours sleep. That's happened here two nights running now. Mason did squawk once last night, but he couldn't even convince himself & gave up after 20 seconds or so — yup, he's getting better! If it would stop freeking raining on weekends, I could get him outside & let him run up an appetite.

    Don't know why the wife had to get up & go mop the kitchen floor first thing. Now I can't get any coffee until it's dry. Mrf.

  3. Happy Saturday, all.

    Maria, that is wonderful about the sleep.

    Farf, that is awful about the coffee.

    Off to get my own caffeine.

  4. Janet and her Vuh Jay jayFebruary 18, 2012 at 1:42 PM

    ((((((Jen))))))))) I won't say anything political. :)

    But to say that I'm spitting mad and am working on helping lend a voice and ideas to a Women's March and week of General Strike at all our capitals. What with the Komen Krap and now the Issa Mannish Inquistition.... I'm livid. And if other's aren't outraged about it... well, they aren't paying attention and deserve being hauled off to the 18th century. But I won't go quietly. I will stand and fight back.

    As to health issues. I went back for my follow up. No MS no Celiac Disease. Hooray. But I'm online for another type of pap smear. Think Farrah Fawcett. Just to rule things out. Now taking vegan pro-biotics and they seem to be helping with the NSAIDs induced irritable bowell syndromes. Insurance doesn't cover pro-biotics.... cause men don't need them I guess.

    Off to get Wes to his work. Today is a matinee game. Wayne and I are going off to lunch pre-game.

    Hello to all. I wish we could sit down and eat some donuts or something together face to face but these intertubes must suffice.

  5. Well, you can guess what I've been doing. Way too much work and no sleep. But that ended in time for a hot date with my guy, yippee! And of course now there's no work for the weekend...

    Hope everyone has a quiet weekend planned. Waving to Jen and Lisa and all who have popped in this week.

    Taking my sis and BIL out to hear some live music - later, all!

  6. Hi Maria (yay for sleep), Farf (hope you got your coffee soonest), Dina (glad you got your coffee), Janet (good news on the MS and Celiac), and Beth (stop working!). We've been to Cincy and back today and I am pooped.

  7. Thanks, Andi, though the caffeine came from tea. I don't drink coffee at all.

    Beth, sounds like you are having fun.

    Janet, I wish you were - medical issues are no fun at all.

    As for the taking to the streets, I am with you!

  8. Powder. Blue.

    omg perfection. It just doesn't get any better than that. Thank you. :)

    ::waves back at Beth & her hot dude, wherever in the hell she is these days ;) ::

    Janet, I'm so sorry that your medical woes are dragging on and on. I hope you're able to figure out what's wrong and treat it ASAP. The whole Chronic Mystery Illness experience is so hard, from coping with symptoms and fears to dealing with tests and doctors. The breakage in our system has chased a lot of the good docs out of practice, so lately, I've begun to entertain the notion of turning the initial doctor interview into a two way street:

    "Do you have any history of cancer in the family?"
    "Yes, [provide info]. Do YOU have any history of ethics coursework during grad school? And did you manage to pass at least one course in either statistics or logic at any point during your post-secondary education?"

    "Sign this form and we'll collect all your medical records."
    "Okay, I'll do that while you sign THIS form so I can review your profit/loss sheets." Polite smile, blink-blink.

    Seriously. Thisclose. I've been firing doctors nearly continuously for the past few years so these interviews would save me a lot of time and aggravation.

    lol@ the idea of you being able to get through an entire comment without mentioning politics. Fwiw, I think we are WAY past the days of the political effectiveness of marches. I think strikes might still have some impact, but only if they're big enough, because in this economic climate there are far too many people who have been un/underemployed for long enough that they're desperate enough to cross almost any picket line. The ownership class is salivating to get itself an even cheaper, even more subservient labor force from whom they can strip even more wages and benefits, and you know they'll pull a Reagan to get it.