Friday, February 24, 2012

Two Impossibles Things After Breakfast

Can't be Here So Late: February 6, 2012

Can't be Here So Early: February 21, 2012.
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  1. Heh, yeah, yesterday I was thinking November is just going to segue into March and pretend nobody's gonna notice. :-P

    It was a breezy 75F here yesterday afternoon, so I took the work laptop out to the patio. The jacket came off right away, the shirt after 10 more minutes. At least my arms aren't so pasty-winter-white anymore. But I was sitting there, thinking "I'm outside… shirtless… in FEBRUARY." The promised cold front and angry weather didn't come in last night, so maybe this morning some time.

    Oh, the little dragon's in the background in today's installment, but the kids are front & center.

  2. Hi, all.

    We actually have snow! It is just a dusting and will probably be gone soon but we have snow.

    Farf, loved the segment. Can't wait for more!

    Happy Friday, all.

  3. Andi, those are beautifully impossible things! There are impossible things going on in my yard as well. I know it's wrong, from a certain selfish pov, but I have enjoyed this non-winter after the past couple of years with the killer ice storms and the months and months of temps below freezing with no break.

    Beth: very smart. Florida is way more dangerous than most people realize. It sorta seems a little goofy but mostly harmless, like a honey badger does when you first look at one of those, but watch out, because the crazy honey badger don't care. (Make sure the sound is on for that, and be forewarned that the language is blue, which is only a portion of what makes the vid comedy gold.) I swear they should put one of those critters on the Florida State flag, it's the only thing I've ever run across that MIGHT be crazier than a native Floridian. ;) (For those not in the know, I was born and raised in Florida, so I am poking fun at my own, not pointing fingers at others.)

    Janet, I'm so glad you finally got your drops! If there's any justice to the universe at all, those sadistic assholes have a hard rain coming. I've been through some hell with docs and meds lately too but I cannot discuss it as my Sanity Watchers Points are too few and dwindling.

    And yes, I have been watching Grimm. I do kinda like it, but I think it's way too tame to accurately represent the spirit of the real Brothers Grimm stories. I wish they'd done it on cable and/or that the regular networks would just get over themselves already.

    Speaking of cable-freaky, did you watch American Horror Story? Lots of the brands of weird I think you like, and while the storyline was a bit chaotic (intentionally, I think), Jessica Lange's performance was the kind of thing you don't see but once in a very great while. Absolutely stunning. She won a SAG and a Golden Globe for it and she deserves more than that.

    Happy weekend y'all!

  4. (dropping this in the right thread)

    Hi all,

    Just popping a nose in and checking for my shadow. Going to be a very rough couple of days coming up. Laura's favorite aunt died suddenly. She had all kinds of health issues, so it was a shock but not a surprise. I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop right now, as I suspect we were her primary heirs and I may need to go pack up a couple thousand books some time in the next few days.

    We shall miss her fiercely.

  5. Oh Kelly I am so very sorry and please give my condolences to Laura.

    If there is anything I can do to help (I used to work in estate law and can still field basic questions, for example) please do not hesitate to email/call.

  6. Kelly, I'm so sorry. Even though it's expected, it's still such a shock. I can truly say I know how this is. ((((Kelly and Dr. KMc))))

    Now for the scary news: First off... Wayne, my husband is home and is okay.

    On his evening bike commute home he was hit by a 16 year old kid who stole his uncle's car to literally run across the street from his apt to a Thriftway store. He gunned it and hit Wayne. Wayne is lucky to be able to walk away from it. His bike... not so much. The car's front end was more damaged than the bike.

    I'm eternally grateful to all the witnesses that stayed and helped him till the Sheriff and medics & fire engine arrived.

    Wayne is not pressing charges on the kid who has was ticketed and released to his uncle. Althought the kid made numerous bad decisions, he STAYED with Wayne and was at his side the whole time. He knew he had effed up but he made the right call by not running or tryint to blame others.

    Wayne has made mistakes in his life and and didn't want to hammer this kid who looks like he's at risk anyways. Wayne's actualy more concerned about the boy's living situation. The Uncle ran out from the apts when the cops showed up. I gather it was a HUGE scene. Everyone there did everything to help Wayne. Even picked up pieces of his bike for him. Offered him water and coffee.

    He's bruised, scraped and cut but he's alive and home. I am so incredibly lucky that little small things weren't different than they were or he'd be severely injured. I did freak out at work when I got the call and they were great to me. Everyone loves Wayne and respects his riding and why he does it.

    I think I'm more shaken up than Wayne LOL.

    ((Jen))) I wish we lived next door to each other. Sometimes I think you're the sister I was supposed to have.

  7. Windy day here in the woods today.

    Oh boy another ice dragon installment. Thanks, Farf.

    So sorry to hear about Laura's aunt, Kelly.

    Wow, Janet!! I'm glad bumps, bruises, and road rash are all Wayne is going to end up with, besides an new bike. I think the next warm spell we have I'm going to take advantage of it on the bike.

  8. Did a long post earlier and then forgot to hit publish. So this is short but hugs to Kelly and family. So sorry for your loss.

    Jen, I like Grimm as well.

    Janet, glad you got your meds but more important, so very happy that Wayne is basically OK. What a relief!

    Going to hit publish now.

  9. One of the big shots at Grimm shops at my store. I didn't know who he was just that he was sporting a sweatshirt with Grimm on it. So I thought he was a fan like me and started jabbering with him. Told him how I hate tv but watch it on Hulu+ and love it, but that as Jen said it could be darker and that I HATED the fiancee. Talk about phoney plastic lady. I got an open invite to a shooting but noting finalized from that.

    Danni likes to go around and take pictures of herself and friends in certain Grimm locations. :)

    I'll check out AHS! And this family is all about The Honey Badger. It's part of our lexicon :) Cause we don't give a ... :)

  10. Wow, Farf, that's amazing. I think you're right about the switch (although we are going to be down in the 20s tonight). Will go read after I do all my commenting.

    We had a chance of snow, Dina, but it didn't happen. We do have howling winds, though.

    It was definitely nice not to have the ice storms (and the 4 days w/o electricity that went with it), Jen. But I'm still kind of missing having a real winter.

    I am so sorry, Kelly. Hugs to you and your wife.

    Oh Janet, that is so scary. I'm very glad that Wayne wasn't seriously hurt (and sorry that the bike was). It certainly shows what a great guy you married that he was so concerned about the kid.

  11. Kelly, sorry to hear about a dear aunt passing.

  12. Janet, I'm so sorry to hear about Wayne's accident but so glad he is okay!

    I got hit on my bike by a car when I was a kid (100% my fault), and it is a truly shitty experience even when you are able to walk your broken bike home such as I did. Presumably Wayne was wearing his helmet (like we didn't know to do back in the day) and there's no need for a noggin scan, so please just pass along my best healing wishes for his other battle scars. Not a lot of people can take on a speeding car and get right the hell back up, so I know you married yourself a honey badger. ;p

    Fwiw, I have felt for a long time that sooner or later you & I would wind up in closer proximity to one another and I still feel that, so I hope it works out that way, too.

    Lastly, I think the Grimm fiancee will be revealed as a monster who's been tasked with covertly monitoring our new Mr. Grimm for longer than he's known what he is. And if she isn't, I might stop watching the show, 'cause she bugs me too, lol.