Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Suspended Animation

Taken February 8, 2012.

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  1. So, not just the kitty with issues - though his seem to be of the past (he ate like a stevedore yesterday). I ended up leaving work at 11 a.m. after a stomach bug hit. Ugh.

    Still wonky this a.m. and trusting my insides to broth & ramen (which seemed to work yesterday).

    Side comment on blogger - comment window doesn't have the 'email responses' box. ::is sad::

    Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

  2. Sorry Maria, I hope you feel better soon. I checked on the help forum and there are quite a few people reporting the email problem but no answer from blogger yet.

  3. Maria, I found out that if you embed comments, the email follow-up still works so I'm changing this feature now. I will change it back to the pop up box once (if) this issue is fixed.

    Unless everybody hates commented this way more than they hate not having the email follow-up ... so everybody should let me know.

  4. Weather under glass!

    Either way is OK with me, Andi. (He says from his laptop, hasn't tried it on the phone yet.)

    Maria, hope you're better as quickly as Kit!

    My comment page got *really* funky-looking last night — looked like the new Blogger dashboard in a lot of ways. I think they're slow-rolling the new interface(s) out like Twitter does.

  5. Thanks, Andi - now I can check the ticky box!! :)

    Having a plain toasted bagel and a banana for breakfast - thank goodness for the grill downstairs (at the mimes).

  6. The reflections in all those drops are stunning.

    Maria, so glad Kit seems better, hope you are also on the mend soonest. :)

  7. Garbage truck ran over a squirrel and then left it there... right at my driveway. Swell.

    Wayne rode in to work yesterday and felt super apprehensive, which is to be expected. He's stiffened up quit a bit. Just now bruising - he's weird that way. He can take a puck in the chest and barely a bruise will show up days later. Those guys from Boston are wicked hard to knock down. :) Thanks for all the healing vibes sent his way.

    Off to the mimes soon. You can really tell who watches Fox "news" and who doesn't when you're out in society. Little "word bombs" I've noticed only from the truly faithful fox clan. We've been getting the "news" in our lines about how Obama has spies looking at our kids' lunches and forcing them to eat chicken mcnuggets. And now how JFK's speech about separation of church and state made Santorum puke. The Teahadists have truly taken our country backwards.

    I used to laugh at the GOP line up but now I'm not sure. I think public education in this country is so bad (thanks to stupid repubs slashes) and people in general are so pathetic - that now thanks to the redistricting crud, that one of the crazies could win.