Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday Poetry Post


February Garden Activities and Chores in Red Bluff
USDA Zone 9
Compiled by Karen and Mike Garofalo
Green Way Research, Red Bluff, California

Browsing and ordering from seed and garden catalogs.
Pruning leafless trees and shrubs.
Weeding and tending the winter vegetable garden.
Relax and read books from the library.
The soil is usually too wet and cold for much digging.
Keeping cold sensitive potted plants in protected areas or indoors.
Make sure that the cuttings in protected areas do not dry out.
Repair fences.
Put straw mulch over fertilized vegetable garden areas not planted.
Distribute fertilizer and minerals.
Prune and mulch dormant perennials.
Remove dead trees, shrubs, branches, and twigs.
Enjoy the bulbs and rosemary in bloom.
Repair and sharpen tools.
Construct gardening boxes and flats.
Keep hardwood cuttings moist.
Write a poem. Keep a gardening journal.
Fertilize with 20-9-9 or 15-15-15.
Trees without leaves need little or no watering.
Take a walk in your garden.
Sit and observe.


  1. Living in a condo in FL means not much of this list applies to me, but it sure used to! There are days I miss digging in the dirt and watching things grow.

    Okay, andi, no longer working. Heading to the wilds of GA for a couple of days with my guy to hang out in the woods. Sounds like heaven to me! Won't be anywhere near you, Farf, but I'll wave in your general direction.

    Hope your Sunday is springy, everyone! Back soon...

  2. Oh, you're in Florida! God(s/desses) help ya, hon, that state lost whatever remnants of sanity it had left at least a decade or two ago. ;p

    And wow, I bet Karen and Mike are exhausted. Just reading that list made me want to go lie back down. Or perhaps it's the nine pounds of snot compacted into two square inches inside my head, ugh.

    Hope you lovely Fs have a more restful day today than yesterday, and all my best wishes to everyone!

  3. Hi,all.

    Why does that first picture make me think something is going to go by and be eaten by that plant??

    Enjoy your Sunday, all.

  4. Hi all,
    Dina I think it's the Little Shop of Horrors effect. This one always makes me think of Audrey.

  5. Morning all!

    Beth, hope you have a fun & dry trip. It's raining here, just like the last two weekends. Grrr.

    Jen, Janet, one of my Twitter buddies (also in Oregon, along the coast) has dysautonomia. Seems pretty severe, unfortunately. She's also trying to find a doc who can deal with it. Another one in upstate NY (a guy) has what he calls a "syndrome" — he has no guarantee of staying out of a wheelchair some days. I'm afraid that most services available to the public are going to have trouble with edge cases like these. Doesn't make it right though.

    The upside to the rain: it held off until yesterday evening, when I was expecting it at noon. Mason got to run & play outside a while, which helped him a lot, and it gave us time to plant two fig trees (transplants from the granny's place). Now to see if they'll give a fig. :-P

    Coffee: consumed. Next: shower and breakfast.

  6. Happy Sunday boys and girls. I'm off this morning for brunch and then an exhibit of Da Vinci plans for machines actually made into machines (I think) and later a high school production of The Music Man. Hope the Mardi Gras masses are sleeping in and don't get in my way downtown. We have the second biggest Mardi Gras celebration in the country -- lots of happy people who drink too much.

    Jen, glad your scare turned out to be just a scare and hope you feel better soon. Janet, good to know all the things they have ruled out.

    Have a good day all.

  7. Larry, I had surprisingly never heard of dysautonomia. Very interesting from a science geek pov. Also hauntingly familiar in the symptomatology department.

    If it could potentially offer any consolation/hope to your online pals, feel free to let them know that I was down so badly at onset that I spent 3 years solid in a wheelchair and in bed, riddled with symptoms in every bodily system, leaving home for nothing besides doctors and hospitals. But I eventually began to recover despite countless specialists in multiple states never being able to do anything but misdiagnose me and/or guess at the root cause of any of it. My recovery has only been detectable over 2-3 year chunks of time, which is a hard pill to swallow, but vastly better than no remedy at all. It's been almost 13 years now, but at present I can walk every day and I am safe to drive locally roughly 75% of the time, so I'm getting pieces of my freedom and autonomy back even though I'm still dealing with limitations and symptoms.

    Hey, I once heard you gotta give a fig to get a fig...or something like that. Two transplants, ya done good. :)

    Mary, thanks, and I hope you enjoy your afternoon with art & genius.

  8. Scootch over friends :) Plunks myself down.

    I'm doing well. My gastro doc went over all my medical files this time. And we talked politics LOL. Suffice to say, she said her job was to get me better so I could "march for her". Basically, one woman helping another get healthy so she could continue the fight for all women.

    I hear ya Jen on the desperation of our country. It's harder to get anyone to fight back. I think that's part of the rethug plan. It's always been easier to lead by fear and misery. Easier to put your jackboot on someone's throat if they are already on the ground. Don't get me started on the Issa and Santorum crap... I'm getting wire hangers ready to mail to all of our "elected" officials.

    It's not just about abortion... It's about our right to be women. To make our own decisions about our bodies, our lives, our futures and now when and how we have sex. Unbelievable that they would even touch contraception or "sex is just for procreation." OMFG!

    (((Dina)))) Thank hon!

    But I know that we also have allies in strong men. They know this is garbage. I am so flipping mad it's not even funny.

    Lots going on. Hockey-wise and such. I laid into a mental moron yesterday at the game who kept hollering "retard" and "retarded". I made him stfu. :) Then cranky old man with cane got a lesson in "being disabled doesn't mean you lose your manners" when he screamed at Wes to MOVE IT MOVE IT - becase another person was in the wrong seat. His wife said he was "disabled" and that was why he was angry about having to stand an extra 10 seconds. He literally started screaming right from the get go. A young man with Down's was in the wrong section. I turned him into a puddle of nothingness. He even apologized to Wayne and the young boys.

    I said that his coming down during game play was wrong and that his instand tantrum was childish and wrong. That he was lucky that he didnt' send my truly disabled son into a panic with his screaming....

    I "enlightened" him... :)

    off to yoga and then some hockey..

    Great news! Wes has been asked to work during the Winter Hawks play off series. His crew voted on it and the decision was left to him. He said, heck ya! :)