Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Poetry Post

Did you hear something?

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Fallen Trees
by Murphy Payne

Throughout the forest
I see fallen trees
Old, wrinkled
And full of character

Year after year
They left behind
Their leaves, their bark
And good feelings about life

A resting place
For birds and squirrels
A shelter place
With food for others

They took in the sun
And made shade
They broke in the wind and rain
And gave us the calm

As they lay in state
Still giving
Lending life to those now
They could not while living

And when they died
The forest cried
Birds stopped singing
But their seeds survived.

More and more
Sometimes I think
That I am a tree
Or at least someday
Hope to be


  1. Nice lazy Sunday here.
    Hope all of you have the same. Waves!

  2. Hi Dina. Enjoy your lazy Sunday.

    Has anyone heard from Nicola? I hope she doesn't have so much snow she can't find her keyboard.

  3. Hi all!

    There aren't many things more miserable than a toddler with a headcold. Fortunately, Mason is napping at the moment.

    Our not-winter continues right along, with 68°F and sunshine. I'll probably take Mason outside when he wakes up & is feeling better.

    Got my novella through beta… now we're to ARC stage, woohoo! Now is when I start getting anal about how the eBook output looks. ;-) And of course, I left my Kindle at the office Friday. Oh well, I can slap a MOBI on the keychain drive & copy it over at work tomorrow.

    Hope everyone's weekend is long & pleasant!

  4. Great game! Not that I cared who won, but it was close, and that's the best part. And I love the poem, Jim!

    Busy week ahead - settling down to watch the rest of Dirty Dancing before bed. Hope everyone has a good Monday!