Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Shadow of Light

Taken February 2, 2012.

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  1. Another beautiful forest pic. Love how the light shines.

    Working @ the mimes from home today. Contemplating brekkie right now.

    Happy Thursday!

  2. Are the trees already budding out? Wow.

    It was nice enough yesterday that I took the work computer to the patio for about an hour. Mason played around until his lack of nap finally caught up with him.

    As of last night, I had five blog posts up in the last six days. I should learn to pace myself.

  3. Got Friday off this week, Maria? If so, happy almost weekend.

    Nope, Farf, nothing is budding out yet. But I sure am ready for them to.

  4. Re: Friday - yup, off tomorrow!

    Hoping to get back into the audio swing. It's been nice not having any doc appointments this week!

  5. 82 degrees in NEFL - they're calling it "spring." I'm calling it WARM!! But gorgeous.

    Feeling better - hoping to be back to 100% by tomorrow. Slowly remembering how to eat. I should have lost more weight as a result of so many days not eating, though!

    Waving to all as I stumble back to work...

  6. Hiya Dina.

    Wow 82! That's incredible, Beth. Get well wishes from me and Jim and the dogs.

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