Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ripple Effects

Taken February 6, 2012.

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  1. Morning Gang!!!

    Sonboy is in town for the weekend. So nice to have the family together for a couple of days. Scouts are doing aviation merit badge so boys are involved in that today.
    Tomorrow family over for gourmet burgers.
    81 earlier this week so forget this winter idea. Super bugs and weeds will be in the news soon and it won't be an urban fantasy but a nightmare.

    A wonderful weekend and cyberhugs to all!!

  2. Hi, all.

    Lisa, have a great time!

    Andi, I really love this picture - I see so many things in it! Of course some of them may soon be down visiting Lisa, given her weather!

    Happy Saturday, all.

  3. Thanks for all the sympathy and offers of help and support, folk. Very much appreciated. She was a grand lady and we're going to miss her.

    Janet, eek! Very glad to hear Wayne is all right, but damn that's scary. Hugs sent your way.

  4. Janet, glad to hear Wayne is OK — that's always scary when the phone call begins "he's all right." At least the kid did the right thing. I'll bet he's sore this morning though!

    Lisa, we had exactly 3 nights of sub-20F temps this last "winter." With less than a week of February left, I'm beginning to doubt we'll get a fourth. We're not looking forward to the bugs this year. Maybe we'll take down the bird feeders & put up bird houses…

    House is filling up with people for mother-in-law's b-day. We've got one of the Evil Twins here, who doesn't want to be at her place alone since she got grabbed in the rear by a neighbor. Can't blame her, really. As long as a vocal minority insists on women being somewhere between 2nd-class citizens and property, things like this will happen. I'm just glad we can give her a place to go.

  5. Truly strange weather we're having here in Portland. Big sun on minute, monsoon the next.

    Jen OMG! Wayne is a total Honey Badger! He don't give a sh*t LOL. And yeah Andi, it does say much about him. There's a reason he rides his bike. He cares about the planet. And about his health. He said that if he had been riding his bike like 95% of brain dead car operators then he'd be dead. But he's "engaged" when he's commuting. As should we all.

    Jen, That's almost what I told the director dude about "Bitsie". I said she was too plastic looking. That she was a monster spy and he said, "maybe she'll eat one of her own poisoned apples by mistake?" So hmmmmm. But either way, she just bugs me. My favorite guy has to be The Wolf, Monroe. He makes the show.

    Danni said she'll upload her Grimm Photos from a few weeks back. She has this thing called Tumblr. Kids are starting to get pissed off with FB.

    Winter Hawks kicked Spokanes butt 8-3 last night. Wayne started stiffening up bad. Little girl behind us kept jostling around with her great big boots on. So I nicely said to her and her mom that Wayne had just been hit by a car on his bike the day before and he's super scared she might kick him in the back. She "ooohed" and said, "just like goompa?!" Turns out he had been run over by a kid who was too much in a hurry to defrost his windshield. "That's why people drive, because they are in a hurry!" OMFG. He was doing road construction. He pressed charges, which are still pending as the kid has never shown up for court and is still fighting pain issues. I think drivers should be a responsibility not a right. Oh wait... it is. LOL

    ((((Thanks to everyone and their healing thoughts for Wayne))))))

  6. Hope you're having a fine day with the family, Lisa.

    Hi Dina. I am endlessly fascinated with the "designs" I find in the creeks.

    A very nice elegy, Kelly.

    That's an ugly thing, Farf. It's great you can give her a place to feel safe.

    Many pain-easing thoughts for Wayne. And yay for the hockey win.