Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Picking a Path

Taken January 24, 2012.

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  1. Morning Gang!!!

    Loving the water and the green and the ice, Andi.

    Underwater at work. 46 new kiddos in last two weeks. Herding cats--well you get the idea.

    Farf, glad you are being so creative of late. I need a dose of that.

    Maria, long weekend--I'm jealous. We're done with off until Spring Break.

    Beth, painting with fella--That almost broke hubby and I up so I swore off that type of sharing. You are a great gal to have around.

    Waves to Dina, Candis, Janet, Jim and all others to follow.

  2. Morning, all!

    So my long weekend turned out to not work out - my cleaners, who normally would come today, needed to reschedule to - you guessed it - Friday. Instead of having to leave the house for 4 hrs, I elected to switch days off and am off Thurs instead. Bah.

    Found out a friend of mine from Texas passed away suddenly. She was my age. I'm rather floored. We weren't especially close, but I modeled my character, Bea, after her. Sadly, she'd retired from nursing recently to care for her brother (in hospice) and her mother (in assisted living). So sad.

    Off to the mimes...

  3. Hey all!

    Lisa, it's weird, but the wife & I fight *less* when we're doing a project like wallpapering or repainting a bathroom.

    Maria, so sad about your acquaintance. It's rough on caregivers — a lady in our church choir died a few years ago, caring for her husband with a mouth cancer. He's still kicking too.

    There's a pic of Mason using the iPad on my blog this morning…

  4. Hi, all.

    Lisa, good luck with the joint project.

    Maria, sorry about your friend. It is very hard when someone your own age dies unexpectedly.

    Farf, loved the picture and the blog.

    Waves to everyone.

  5. Just back from Indy, doing some stuff for and with my mom. The big thing was that we both survived buying her a new cell phone (90-year-olds are not fond of change and change ain't so hot on them either.).

    Howdy Lisa. Good to "see" you. Hope you get your head above water soon.

    So sorry about your friend, Maria.

    That is just an adorable picture, Farf.

    Hi Dina.