Monday, February 27, 2012

Off in the Distance

Taken February 1, 2012.

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  1. Dogs and fog!

    Mason woke me up. Seeing it was 6:30, I decided to get up. So I don't have much witty to say at the moment. Carry on, y'all.

  2. More gorgeous woods with bonus!doggies - a great way to start Monday.

    Spent a lot of time offline this weekend, just relaxing. Still attempting to get energy levels back.

    Janet - I did catch up on previous posts and saw what you posted about Wayne. SO GLAD he's okay!!

    Jen, always glad to hear from you. :)

    Lisa, ditto!

    I can't say that I accomplished anything at all over the weekend. Mostly vegged with kitty, who is not feeling up to par. I have to call vet to make him an appointment. He wasn't eating at all yesterday, but this morning he is. Sensitive kitty tummies make kitty moms very unhappy & worried. :(

    Off to the mimes in a bit, then eye doc for regular check in this afternoon.


  3. I agree, dogs and fog are wonderful.

    Maria, good luck with the doctors. I hope Kit just had a bad day.

    Happy Monday, all.

  4. Lovely pic but looks a tad chilly. We're just home from a 5 week trip to Australia where it was HOT! Hopefully we've skipped the last of the winter here as it's now bright and springlike, though still a nip in the air.

    Back to Real Life now but my head is still on holiday!

  5. Afternoon Farf (I'm working on my transition to Larry).

    Hope everything is okay with the kitty, Maria.

    A good monday to you, Dina.

    Five weeks, Nicky! How exciting. I hope you'll have time at some point to tell us some of things you did.