Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Magic By Daylight

Taken February 1, 2012.

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  1. Oh, wow - so gorgeous! I want to go get lost in those woods, right now.

    Though, kind of hard to do from my work desk. ::g::

    Tuesday feels like Monday.

    ::waves at everyone::

  2. That is a really pretty capture. There's something alluring yet simultaneously slightly threatening about it, like being deep in the forest and running across a sugar-sprinkled gingerbread house.

  3. Wow - I agree with Jen, alluring yet threatening.

    Makes me think of Bones of Faerie by Janni Lee Simner.

  4. I didn't see the threat in that pic, just the allure. The possibility of disappearing into another world.

    Janet, I saw a quote on Twitter recently, attributed to Malcolm X: "Non-violent resistance only works if your opponent has a conscience." I've been (quietly) saying for some time that things will only change when the 1% finds there's a personal cost to maintaining the status quo.

    Trying to figure out how coffee got splashed onto my BT keyboard. Probably more important to just clean it off.

  5. Thanks Farf :0)

    And Andi and Dina and Jen.

    Home with double ear infections. Went to work and got an appt to see dr. Yup, ear infections. So he calls in a prescription. I go. It's not there. I call dr. Office closed. On call doctor didn't call in prescription. Today finally got call in.

    I'm taking today off. Not that having two ear infections is a holiday...

    Been discussing with Wayne my "mid life" crisis. I want to cut back my hours drastically so I can go back to school and also concentrate on getting healthy. He was open to it last night as I bawled my eyes out but maybe it was the allowing me to vent and the "smoke got in his eyes". I just really need to focus on me right now. While being there for Wes and helping DanDan.

    And yeah, I'm a bit hardcore and have done things that I'm proud of and that scared me, but I want to do something more on a consistent basis.

    damnit, you all are so gifted and can write and publish things...

    Me, I'm a Jane of all trades.

    As to the photo, I agree with Jen. BTW, Jen, you watching Grimm? Done in Portland, baby. It's pretty fun. Dark and disturbing but the people are too pretty.

    Off to get drops and what nots and maybe something to eat.

  6. Lovely.

    Janet, yeah I keep thinking I can't get any more outraged and then bam they turn the lunacy up another notch. Argh!

  7. Back.

    No ear drops for me. $179 after Cigna paid $22.00 of it. Unbelievable. Normally they'd cost about $15. I have no idea what to do next. Maybe cause I can't really think too well when my ears hurt this bad and with a high fever.

    Gad damn this country shurrrre is great. I'm gonna go hide in a corner and have a long, hard cry while I can.

  8. It would make for a nifty story though, Maria, if someone suddenly found themselves lost in the woods while sitting at her desk. :)

    If we ran into a gingerbread house, Jen, Sniff and Bebo would eat their way through it in minutes.

    Never heard of that book, Dina. Sounds interesting.

    I don't see any threat either, Farf, but then I've been past that spot thousands of times.

    Janet, sorry about those drops. I hope you figure out something soon. I think ear infections are about the most painful thing around.

    Thanks, Kelly.

  9. Andi, I highly recommend the book if you like fantasy and urban fantasy. This speculates on what life would be like after the major war between us and fairy. I loved it.