Thursday, February 2, 2012

Light and Blue

Taken January 15, 2012.

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  1. Morning Gang,

    I reviewed and realize I've missed quite a bit.

    Congrats Farf on the new blogging gig.

    Kelly, hope the cold is abating.

    Maria, trip to Canada with Dina -WooHoo and breaking in the CPAP sounds promising for better sleep.

    Andi, glad mom did well.

    Beth and beach party, sounds like situation normal. Have fun with friend.

    The leaves started coming out on the trees yesterday and my daffs are all coming up. The weeds are growing by leaps and bounds too. Sigh. Who woulda thought I'd be praying for some cold.
    Had my latest death threat scratched into a cubicle wall at school and by the next seat F Mrs. M was scrawled (he didn't leave out any letters) so that tells you about my time at work lately. I had one student turn in 9 computer assignments that had merely been xerox copied rather than done in Excel. He still keeps trying to convince me that he did them at home. Boggles my mind how stupid they think we adults are. Of course this was the same student that had written MFer with a few stars replacing letters--twice--on his French work and was upset when the principal had me write it up as profanity. Yes, Art Linkletter, Kids Say the Darndest Things.

    Tommorrow's Friday--WooHoo.

    Enjoy that retirement time Jim and Andi.

    Cyberhugs to all.

  2. Lisa, great to see you!!

    I'm ready for the weekend, as well. Busy week @ the mimes, but productive. New admin (a boy!) starts tomorrow.

    Sleeping patterns are evening out, so hoorah!

    Hoping to get back into the audiobook recording this weekend, now that things seem to be settling.


  3. Hi, all.

    Lisa, sorry that school is so rough right now. I hope it is just a bad patch.

    Yeah, Maria. Glad that sleep is getting better.

    Waves to all and Happy Thursday!

  4. Morning all!

    Lisa, that doesn't sound like any fun at all. Amazing the lengths people will go to blame anyone but themselves for their self-inflicted problems. My first run in the Big Chair was the Tuesday just gone by, I need to get the report done but otherwise it went well.

    Maria, yay for improving sleep patterns. I never could get Daughter Dearest to say "Luke: I am your daughter" though. :-P

    Hi Dina!

    Mrs. Fetched is feeling a little better today. The bleeding took longer than desired to stop, but she spent most of the day with her rig parked in a chair so she got some rest. Mason wanted to sleep on the love seat last night, so I let him lay there (and told him to lay back down several times) until he got still and zorched out. Then I forklifted him to the crib.

    Wrestling with Author-It today. I've nearly got the publishing issues worked out, but its tight integration with MS Weird is a fatal flaw IMO. That POS broke auto-numbering 10 years ago and they *still* haven't fixed it.

    Rant off. So Happy It's Thursday!

  5. Hey Lisa! You are a saint. There's a reason those kids are where they are. I hope they take advantage of the chance they're being given to get their lives back on track before they fall off the path forever. Hang in there!

    Cyberhugs to everyone else. Friend has gone, I'm back at work. Allergies are kicking my butt, after not having them for the last 3 years. I thought FL was the answer, but apparently not. It was a nice reprieve while it lasted.

    Off to transcribe a religious broadcasters' convention...there are whole worlds out there I don't know anything about.


  6. Bummer on the bad week, Lisa. Hope next week is better. Retirement enjoyment is going fine.

    Great news on the sleeping, Maria.

    Happy Almost Friday, Dina.

    On more great thing about being retired, Farf -- no more need to use Word. :)

    Religious broadcasters convention ... well maybe transcribing that, Beth, will miraculously cure your allergies. :)