Friday, February 10, 2012

Ice Week: White on White

Taken January 22, 2012.

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  1. Morning Gang!!!

    I'm actually enjoying the icy pics. The lack of winter has been strange. We're supposed to have some dips into the 20s but highs in the 40s.

    Been a better week at work but FULL classes and personalities abound. Come on Spring Break.

    Started a quest for a traveling computer. Toshiba Heavy. So today I'm headed to the Apple store to buy a Mac Air. I'm in lust after seeing this sweet baby at a crit partner's house this week. I've been wanting to dive back into Apple/Mac after so many years of PCs. So looking forward to having a new toy this weekend.

    Maria, here's to a CPAP that will slip you into dreamland again.

    Beth, enjoy some down time between the long work hours.

    Waves to Farf, Jim, Andi,Dina and all that follow.

  2. Morning, gang! Another lovely winter pic for me to enjoy from Not!Winterland. :)

    New CPAP mask ordered, woohoo!!! Turns out the one I had wasn't quite the right size - I'm between a small and medium (measured from bridge of nose to dip just above the chin). This, plus that particular design meant the mask was riding up on my face as i wore it, creating the leaks.

    Doc ordered me an older style that has a forehead strap. I tried one on in her office - turns out, that one, though seemingly more onerous, was actually quite comfy and felt secure. Now I just have to wait for medical equipment company to call me & arrange appointment.

    Farf, in answer to your question yesterday, yup, I have a handydandy carrying case for the CPAP. Good thing, b/c I had to haul the thing to the doc.

    Today is echocardiogram day. After today, I have NO MORE APPOINTMENTS until I go to my eye doc on 2/27. WHEE!!!!! I won't know what to do with myself. :)

    Happy Friday!!

  3. Hi all!

    Maria, good to hear you got fitted for a better mask. That should help a LOT.

    Lisa, woohoo on the MacBook Air! I'm thoroughly happy with my plain black MacBook, still chugging along after 3+ years. Need to clean some old stuff off the hard drive though. Yeah, come on spring break. Daughter Dearest's is in April, but she has a seminar. Grr.

    Well, that's about it for lunch. Back to the mimes.

  4. Actually, it needs a few more exclamation marks ... one doesn't capture it:

    Andi, that's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!

  5. Hi to Beth -- who only worked 13 hours, how lazy ;) -- from yesterday.

    Ooh Lisa, have fun with your new 'puter! And yay for the better week at work.

    And more yay, Maria, for the better fitting mask and the no more appointments.

    Happy Friday to you, Dina.

    I don't know about the break, Farf, but I would like real spring instead of just spring-like temps -- which we aren't having at the moment anyway.

    Wow Candis, getting multiple exclamations from you is really swelling my ego.