Saturday, February 11, 2012

Ice Week: Slick

Taken January 21, 2012.

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  1. Oh, wow - at first glance, I thought we were looking down a massive crevasse. What a great photo!

    Going to spend the chilly day AFK & watching episodes of Private Practice (my latest TV Show crack), thanks to Netflix streaming.

    Y'all have a fabulous weekend!

  2. We have a light dusting of snow - almost as pretty as one of Andi's pictures!

    Maria, I am having a similar kind of day. Watch TV in front of the fire and maybe read a little. Ideal.

    Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday.

  3. We might be seeing ice here tonight - low of 29 predicted, with 20 mph winds. Winter arrives in NEFL - for a couple of days, anyway. Just in time for my sis to arrive from NH - maybe she's bringing the cold weather with her!

    Hope everyone has a toasty weekend - I somehow pulled a muscle in my thigh (NO clue how), so am off to try to walk it off...

    Happy Saturday!

  4. No snow here, but it's like 38F and won't get any warmer today. Looks like we're going to get a short Winter #2 for the weekend, more wind than anything.

    Mason slept almost all night (this cold has been rough on all of us), he woke up at 7:15 and we dozed until 9 or so.

    Everyone who has commented on my #FridayFlash thinks it was too short. What's next? Stay tuned…

  5. Love this shot, and all of ice week, really.

    Been sick most of the last two weeks with a sinus thing I've been calling snotterdammerung. Finally coming out of it and feeling like doing…well, anything at all. Need to dive into the next book now as that's looking like a priority all of a sudden. Can't say why or which yet, since there is no ink on paper yet on the contracts front, but there should be soonish.

    Hello to all who come along later.


  6. It would be really cool, Maria, if we had crevasses in Indiana. :)

    We had about an inch of snow here, Dina. And cold temps and winds.

    Oh-oh, Beth. Sounds like Idaho is coming for a visit. Hope your poor muscle feels better soon.

    Good news on Mason, Farf.

    Love the snotterdammerung, Kelly, but glad you're getting past it.