Monday, February 20, 2012

Dogs small. Trees big.

Taken late January-early February, 2012.

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  1. Trees, FTW! So pretty.

    Who forgot to turn off alarm so she didn't get woken up too early on a holiday Monday?

    ::raises hand::


    Oh well. I'm up. I'm pondering breakfast.

    Happy President's Day, all.

  2. Maria, sorry about the alarm.

    Farf, VERY strange post on your blog!

    Happy holiday, everyone.

  3. This winter is WEIRD.

  4. Morning all!

    Maria, bummer about the alarm. That's no fun at all. Make waffles.

    Dina, I saw that on Google+ and thought "W.T.F????" then "I *have* to blog about that." I liked that the women were getting some shots in too.

    Jen, I'm calling it One Long November instead of winter this year.

    The mimes are calling, back to it!

  5. Off to work,

    But wanted all you ladies to know that CNN (Dana Loesch) says that if you have ever had sex, which also means "if you have ever been attacked" that you have CONSENTED to the government to make any and all decisions about your body. Including vaginal wands being stuck up inside you.

    I swear, no one's paying attention to these whack jobs.

    So if you have ever had sex.... you deserve what ever you get. Nice country we live in.

    I'm very close to giving up on non-violence tactics. It just seems the more we try - the harder and worse things get.

  6. Janet, I think that is what it has been about all along. If women (not men, of course) have sex, they have to pay.

  7. It's The Backlash, Part 2, Electric Boogaloo. The whole thing makes me feel like we're about two SCOTUS disasters away from living in The Handmaid's Blade Runner, by Charles Dickens.

    Lately I've been learning about the many uses and variations of the jujitsu theme of defense/resistance. I like it.

  8. Trees, FTW! So pretty. You were almost there, Maria, to getting my tenuous allusion (Fire bad. Tree pretty). :)

    This has got to be one of the easiest holiday to forget, Dina.

    Jen, Winter? What winter?

    I am entranced, Farf, by the very thought of fart art.

    Janet, I saw that. Put that one with Foster No One Can Have Sex with Their Legs Closed Friess, and Liz Raped Too Much Trotta and you have a perfect trifecta of the Repulsican idea of talking dirty.