Friday, February 17, 2012

Change Happens

Taken January 29, 2012.

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  1. Since I never got around to leaving a comment yesterday, I thought I would break the VGW this morning.

    Good morning to all.

  2. Morning, gang!

    My brain keeps telling me it's Friday and I should not be getting ready for the mimes. Only, I took yesterday off instead, so I really am having to go to work today.

    Silver lining - the cleaners are coming today and I'll have a lovely clean apartment when I get home tonight. A very good thing, especially since I watched episodes of Hoarders yesterday for the 1st time. How sad & appalling. Now I want to throw out everything!

    Happy Friday!

  3. HI, all.

    Andi, what a wonderful picture. I just love the changes as one looks down.

    Maria, have fun at the mimes today. Very short week.

    Farf, loved the snippet this morning.

    Happy Friday!!

  4. Morning, all! Reflections in the pond, even when it's iced over. Pretty cool (cold).

    Maria, sounds like to come home to a cleaned-up place. How is Kit dealing with it — do you crate him up for the day?

    Thanks Dina — and you can call me whatever you want. ;-)

    Kelly (from yesterday), I'm more wind-dry than sundry this time of year.

  5. Jen, unlinked but otherwise the sameFebruary 17, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    Hey y'all! Sorry for being missing in action for so long but fwiw I have been thinking of the crew here often and fondly.

    2012 kicked me off with a month long breast cancer scare including two flunked mammos and a hospital biopsy. It was a lousy experience in countless different ways because here in the US it's now ho-hum non-news that we torture sick people for profit and call it "healthcare". (Do NOT ask me about the politics of women's healthcare, especially, right now unless you want to hear curse words you ain't never heard before.) At least it appears very likely that I do not have breast cancer or any pre-cancers in that dept. There are other issues but they're not a big deal, so I am feeling grateful and relieved, too.

    February gave me scarcely a week to recover from that experience and then it slammed first E then me with a nasty case of snotterdammerung -- tip o'the kleenex box to KMc for that lovely term -- which E is nearly over, but is still bmakingk bme soud ligke this whehndever I talk.

    I note that others have had their health issues and job issues and additional unpleasant whatnots, and I offer you all my condolences, meta-support, very best wishes, etc., as always.

    PS. Larry, please tell me that you own and occasionally still wear a leisure suit, even if it's not true. Those were some of the worst games I ever loved.

  6. Happy clean home, Maria. :)

    I do find freeze-thaw patterns interesting, Dina.

    We're back to being cool and not cold here, Farf.

    Howdy, Kelly, and thanks.

    Hi Jen! So glad the breast news was okay. And so sorry about snotty times. Hope the kitties are doing okay.

    I have a funny memory of Leisure Suit Larry -- my first trip overseas for work was to Sweden (Saab). I was worried about communicating with the people there but when I walked in the first day, they were all sitting around a computer playing the game in English and my language-barrier concerns immediately vanished.

  7. Andi, that is hilarious. Dirty Swedes!