Monday, January 16, 2012

Zen Sniff Ponders the Etymology of January

Taken January 2, 2012.

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  1. HA! Love the Janus dog pic!

    Morning, gang!

    I'm sitting here enjoying yummy steel cut oats made with almond milk for brekkie as I try to catch up on stuff. Spent the weekend mostly sleeping. I brought home a bit of a cold from the hospital. Whee?

    Trying to mentally gear up for a work week. Even though it's a Fed holiday, it's our split holiday (half of the staff take today, the other half, including moi, take President's Day). Hoping for a quiet but productive day @ the mimes.

    Marvelous Monday to all!

  2. I second the love of the picture.

    Maria, hope you are feeling better and that it is nice quiet at work.

    Waves to everyone else.

  3. Awesome Zen Janus Sniff shot!

    Janet, we have a LOT of Hispanic immigrants here, so usually the Mex restaurants are good. I just got "lucky." Hope your ice goes away soon so Wayne can take the runners off his bike. ;-)

    I'm watching Mason while the girlies fix brunch. I got up earlier than usual because I went to bed early, but Mason woke early too. So much for quiet time, heh. Yeah, I got the day off too. Last holiday until Memorial Day.

  4. Just finished listening to MLK's speech where he opposed Vietnam war and opposed the wealthy's oppression on the poor. He reminded us that all wars are against the poor. The poor fight the wars, and the poor die in the wars and then the rich profit from both sides loss and death.

    I think Martin would be very angry with all the oppression that is going on today.

    must go into work because as with all holidays in this nation - it's just another consumer day...

    Icy and Snowy and a big storm coming tonight - hopefully I'll be out of work by 7. Wayne's coming to the store after work so we'll commute together.

    Have an enlightening day today. Stop, think and find a way to stop the oppression. Political or personal.

  5. Nicely ironic that you need to sleep to recover from sleeping, Maria. :)

    Hi Dina. Thanks for the picture love.

    Heh Farf, we retired folk only care about holidays because we don't get any mail. ;)

    Hope the snow, Janet, turns out to be a lot less than expected (though I guess in Portland it wouldn't take much to cause a panic).