Saturday, January 7, 2012

Waltz Me Again

Taken December 22, 2011.

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  1. Perfect name for this! I hope leaf wasn't deserted at the last waltz.

    Good Saturday everyone.

  2. …and don't leaf me on the dance floor!

    Yay, I finished my S&S novella (Chasing a Rainbow) last night — 17,000 words. Now the editing begins, but I might let it marinate for a week or so.

    I'm doing a personal challenge, write three flash stories, three genres, from the same photo prompt. The first one, a fantasy, is on the blawg and has been well-received so far.

  3. Ducking out of the recording cave to wave hello at you all!

    Farf, hoorah!!

    My blog post from yesterday is getting a lot of play. I wrote about my change in attitude and how I'm learning to live with chronic illness. Kind of a cathartic thing, really. I needed to get it off my chest. Evidently, I've touched a chord in a lot of folks' lives. I am humbled.

    ::back to the hot soundboard::

    Y'all behave.

  4. I like to think it just kept waltzing along all the way down the creek, Dina.

    What a fun read, Farf. I really love the pairing of the photo and story. They work brilliantly together.

    Maria, that was beautifully written. It's easy to see why it has gotten such a strong response.