Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Poetry Post

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Winter Morning
by William Jay Smith

All night the wind swept over the house
And through our dream
Swirling the snow up through the pines,
Ruffling the white, ice-capped clapboards,
Rattling the windows,
Rustling around and below our bed
So that we rode
Over wild water
In a white ship breasting the waves.
We rode through the night
On green, marbled
Water, and, half-waking, watched
The white, eroded peaks of icebergs
Sail past our windows;
Rode out the night in that north country,
And awoke, the house buried in snow,
Perched on a
Chill promontory, a
Giant's tooth
In the mouth of the cold valley,
Its white tongue looped frozen around us,
The trunks of tall birches
Revealing the rib cage of a whale
Stranded by a still stream;
And saw, through the motionless baleen of their branches,
As if through time,
Light that shone
On a landscape of ivory,
A harbor of bone.


  1. VERY cool poem! I wouldn't mind that kind of night, as long as it all melted the next day and was 70 and sunny. :) And wow to that picture, too. You certainly make winter pretty!

    Spent the afternoon at Starbucks tweaking my manuscript - nice to sit somewhere besides my couch! If someone would open a cool coffee shop in StA, I'd be thrilled...

    MIght watch the Pro Bowl today - the season is almost over, sob. Otherwise more tweaking...

    Happy Sunday, all!

  2. Waves to all. Beth, hope the tweaking went well.

    I adore this picture! Brings so many images to mind.

    Happy Sunday, all.

  3. Hi all,

    I haven't read too many William Jay Smith poems, but I've liked all the ones I've read. Cypress knees are good photo subjects. Maybe someday we'll wander down into the southern part of their range and see the ones with the big knees.

    Beth, when you find that place that gives you four seasons in a day, let me know, but it will have wild winds. I kind of like the uniformity of Starbucks; it's like the McDonalds of coffee. It may not be the greatest, but it will be consistent and the restrooms will be clean. Happy tweaking.

    Dina, hope you've had a good day and have a great week.