Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Poetry Post

Changing States

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States of Matter Poem
By: Shannon Harris

States of matter here and there
Different forms everywhere
In solids and liquids
And gases in the air
The pressure forced on you that you can’t bear
Could it be that Boyle’s law or Charles’s law
Will explain it to you
And don’t forget plasma, a state of matter, too.
Next comes change of state, the changing of one
Form to another
There are different ways to do this
Could it be melting, or freezing
Or vaporization, Oh brother!
It could be that boiling is the way to go
Or maybe evaporation or condensation
For a show
Sublimation or the conversion of a solid
To a gas
Don’t forget liquid, which you bypass.


  1. Great picture. And the perfect poem to go with it.

    Enjoying the quiet this weekend. Hope all of you are too!

  2. I decided to use that picture, and then went off searching for the poem. I found it at a middle school science teacher's website. That's where the link takes you. It's in a .doc file. I wonder if Shannon Harris was one of his students who wrote the poem for his class.

  3. Ooh, beautiful image Jim and agree with Dina, great accompaniment.

  4. Very cool picture! And interesting poem.

    Quiet Sunday watching football. Lots of live music this past week, which was fun. Warm weather has returned, so I'm a happy camper. Now if my Broncos would just win this afternoon...

    Happy Sunday, y'all!

  5. If it was a middle school kid who wrote that poem, I'm thoroughly impressed!

    Mason's nappin' but Skylar isn't. Fortunately, he's watching some girl-meets-horse movie that Mrs. Fetched has up on the TV. She's declared this a "day of rest" which probably doesn't mean much. Hope I'm wrong. ;-)

  6. So tell me, Mr. Jim, what wine should accompnay such a poem and photo? :)

    Meet up with some fellow Kossacks in Dtown PDX today and BOHICA and watercarrier4diogenes gave Danni her writing papers and a gentle nudge to do some investigating for an upcoming first diary of hers.

    My estranged father's "wife" called MY house number and demanded from Wayne "who is this?". I did not handle it well. I called him back and told him that this was not the terms I had told him about. And reminded him again that we did not need any of his drama.

    Gonna see BOHICA play next Friday while both kids are at a hockey game. Fish and Chips place.

  7. Oooooooooooo!

    I love ice vino :) I can haz sweet wine? My favorite is from Cooper Mountain. It's a Biodynanic vineyard. AKA Pagan Organics LOL okay okay not really but I love that descriotion :)

    Got some phone upgrading done here yesterday. We all have LG Mytouch now and WOW. I'm inbetween, "how do I answer this *&^%ing phone?" to "how have I lived without this?" :P

  8. Beth, there - your Broncos got the win for you and my Wesley. :)