Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Passed Time

Taken December 19, 2011.

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  1. Lovely!

    Woke up to a ridiculously chilly 15F. It's now a balmy 16F. Really? From shirtsleeves to OMGFREEZEMYASSOFF?

    Spent a very quiet, cozy day yesterday. No electronics, not even TV. Was lovely. It was my last vacation day for the nonce.

    Now, it's back mimes & regular schedule. Which is a good thing, too.

    Found out that San Diego Noir (in which I have a short story) was named as Best Anthology of the Year. Whee!

    Perhaps this is the beginning of a banner year.

    Stay warm, all!

  2. Hang in there, Maria. We had two days of really cold weather and today we're heading toward a high of 40 with temps in the low to mid-40s for at least the next 7 days. Great news on win for the anthology -- here's hoping it presages great things to come.

  3. Congrats, Maria!!!

    andi, where is this? Very cool...

    31 in NE FL this morning. Not as brutal as 16, but still very wrong. I don't have to leave the house until mid-afternoon, so it should be less brutal by then. It sure LOOKS pretty out there...

    Taking down Christmas today, and trying to hack through my to-do list. Hope everyone stays warm today, and does something fun!

  4. Congratulations, Maria. Great news.

    I love this picture and second the where was it!

    About 13 degrees here and I am glad I don't have to go out.

  5. Hi Beth and Dina. This is the Bartholomew County (next county over) courthouse [LINK].

  6. Cool clock tower! That would be right at home as a cover for a mystery book.

    25°F here. Past time to get to the mimes. Banged out another 1000 words on "Chasing a Rainbow" (a fantasy novella) last night, and I think I got a LITTLE closer to the end. I'm getting better at estimating though, I'm overrunning by only 60-70% of my estimate instead of 600% (White Pickups).

    That stuttering whoosh you hear? That's me & my car shivering our way down the road…

  7. That is a beautiful court house.

  8. Looks like the cover of a Nancy Drew DVD game :) Very cool photo. Woods - skeery. Clock tower - makes me want to snoop through it. Go figure. Yes, I've tresspassed old, abandoneded schools, asylums... scary as hell but exciting.

    Congratulations Maria!!! That is good news.

    Hallo Dina, Beth. Farf and all the peoplepalooza.

    9 to 5er today and then off to Rama Thai with my best friend's son who is up.

  9. Janet, you might find some of the earlier detroitblog posts interesting. Back in the day, he'd get into those old skyscrapers and get pix.

    And Rama Thai! YUM!

  10. Good to know your guesstimate skills are picking up, Farf. :)

    So, Janet, woods scare you but scooting around in abandoned buildings where axe murderers wait around every corner is way cool. Ooookkkaaayyy.

    Nice and creepy likes you right back, Kelly. :P

  11. Andi, I know, it's weird. Go figure.

    Danvers Insane Asylum... no sweat.

    Early morning fog off the lake... and I'm concerned.

    Actually, I kinda like being scared I think At least when I'm in control of the being scared part. AKA reading scary books or movies or riding the hairy edge.

    Farf, Rama Thai said to say HELLO to you. I'm serious. Oy gives her best.

    Point me to this detroitblog you speak of. My first thought was, "screw the Red Wings!" :D