Saturday, January 28, 2012

Island in the Stream

Taken January 10, 2012.

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  1. Good(ish) news about your mom. The dad of one of my close friends had diverticulosis and although it would occasionally flair up, if he was careful it was manageable.

    Hi FarF ( and everyone else).

  2. "Nuttin' but scum on that there island. You best steer clear of it."

    My Saturday is pretty well absorbed in chauffeur duties, and tomorrow afternoon has been arbitrarily designated "movie day" with a potload of people at the manor. So that's pretty much the entire weekend shot before it even started. :-P

    To compensate, I put the coffee pot on the timer so I had coffee waiting for me instead of the other way around. It's the simple pleasures that keep you from picking up a chainsaw and crying Havoc…

  3. The ONE time I don't preview — Hi Mary!

  4. Waves to all.

    Quiet day here - I plan to sit in front of the fire and watch TV.

  5. Morning, all!

    Night with with Darth Mask: not totally restful as I was worried about it moving/leaking, etc., but I did sleep in 3 spurts. Got up 2x to use loo - easy peasy to unhook tubing and rehook.

    Didn't wake up until 9, which is really unusual.

    Definitely see that I'll be able to get used to it, though - the mask, that is.

    Planning on another quiet day, but no fire for me (as unlike Dina, I have no fireplace plus, it's going to be in the high 50s today).

    Read The Help yesterday, then watched the movie. I am of 2 minds. Yes, the story was very good, but I had issues with the style of the writing (Mammy-talk, for lack of a better word). Really bothered me. In any case, I do think the author wrote good characters.

    Andi, hope you get some good rest today!


  6. andi, I'm glad the news is good about your mom. My aunt's had that forever, and rarely affects her. Just certain foods she avoids.

    And here's hoping each night is easier with the CPAP, Maria, and you feel rested again.

    Another gorgeous NEFL day - now we're all crossing our fingers this mild winter doesn't fall apart in February. Sat in the sun for a while this am, and now am back to manuscript tweaking.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful, productive, happy weekend...

  7. Home! And I've even been for a walk with the dogs in the woods. Very big and contented sigh.

    Thanks everybody for the info and the good thoughts.