Tuesday, January 24, 2012

In the Grasp

Taken January 7, 2012.

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  1. Oops, I forgot to stop by yesterday.

    Hi Dina,

    Hope you're sleeping later today, Farf.

    Kelly! Hawaii! Yay! Welcome home! I guess that black-eye just shows why Jim and I spent on all our time in Hawaii (on the Big Island and Kauai) hiking. :)

  2. Morning, gang.

    I've been down for the count for a few days - digestive issues caused by reaction to meds. Ugh.

    I'm attempting the mimes today. Wish me luck!

    Kelly, welcome back to winter!

  3. Saw the pix on FB, Kelly - at least you were having fun when you did it! Be proud of your battle scars! :)

    Working waaay too many 20 hour days. Feast or famine. But my guy's back in town, so today's a play day, woo hoo!

    This is me NOT gloating over the incredible 70+ degree weather we're having right now - unseasonably warm, but I'll take every degree. Waving the extra warmth toward my northern friends!

    Hope your day goes well, Maria. Hang in there -

    Off and running - happy day, all!

  4. Wow, that's amazingly green for southern Indiana in January!

    Heal up, Kelly — hope that black eye doesn't interfere with writing or anything! "Well, I'm sore all over. I must have had a good weekend."

    Dina, I actually woke up at 7am this morning. That was good, it let me get to the mimes closer to on-time.

    Maria, good luck with the meds. I had some issues when I first started on Lipitor, it took a week or so to adjust.

    Beth, we're getting sunny & 60 today. I'll take it. In fact, we really haven't seen Winter #1 yet. Just a couple cold nights and a little snow one morning. (I know I'm tempting fate, but whatever.)

    I put up a blog post last night that tries to calm the hysteria over iBooks Author's licensing terms while defining a real, more insidious issue. Tilting at windmills, that's me!

  5. Waves to everyone!

    Hope everyone is getting better, getting sleep and getting happy!

  6. Ended up working @ the mimes from home today. Realized that going in would be an exercise in discomfort.

    At least I have this option.

    It's a bit chilly, but at least I can wear my warm slippers!

  7. Androiding it since Wayne took my laptop.

    Caoght up on some sleep as i only had 4 bours since monday. Wayne is in NM till at least sat.

    HeVy flooding here. Creek we reclaimed a few yeatrs back is a concern as it is over the road at work.

    Ke,ly. I had a wave hold me down for some time on Guam. Scary and yet thrilling. I have ols coral scars that are like little badges lol. Had to have some cut out as its living.

    1230 to 830 sbift ick. Then tmrw Wes goes in for ssi drs appt. Also ick.

    Farf ill catch up on your blog soon,

    KMc glad you fare back home.

    Waves to all anc gives the SJ sharks the middle finger.

  8. Hope the reaction to the meds is easing up, Maria.

    Happy play day, Beth.

    Farf, the moss has been loving this warmer and wetter than usual January. Some of the moss is practically iridescent.

    Hi again, Dina.

    Hope the floods start receding soon, Janet.

  9. Thanks! It was totally worth it, and it's mostly healed now. Loving being back to the snow have been out snowshoeing twice with the Gaiman dogs and thinking about introducing them to cross country skies tomorrow.