Saturday, January 21, 2012

Ice and Shiny

Taken January 4, 2012.

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  1. ... continued from last night.

    Hi Farf. The new mattress was great! I slept over 7 hours, which is something close to a miracle. :)

    Beth, we missed you. Sorry you're having too work so hard.

    ... back to today.

    Yuck, freezing rain last night. I'd rather have mounds of snow than any freezing rain.

  2. Hi, all.

    Andi, can't wait to see the frost flowers. And you can have my mounds of snow today. I won't ordinarily mind but I am supposed to go to the ballet tonight and I really wanted to go!

    Beth, welcome back.

    Andi, congratulations on the sleep! Here's hoping the insomnia fairy is forever banished.

  3. Cool, the way that one strip of ice bisects the pond.

    Andi, good to hear you slept good! I slept a little later than usual myself.

    Dina, bummer about being snowed in. Will they have the roads cleared in time for you to get to the ballet?

    As usual on a Saturday morning, I have the boys. Both of them are in a pretty good mood, especially since I got them something to eat. ;-) Daughter Dearest is in the kitchen, maybe fixing herself something too. Then, it's my turn!

  4. Ice, ice, baby!

    Just woke up. Icy snow on the ground but luckily, unlike Dina, I'm not going anywhere today.

    Beth, glad you're back!

    Hoorah for sleep!!! (I got a lot myself, thanks to the muscle relaxant).


  5. Farf, hope you get your breakfast soon. I won't know till mid afternoon whether or not I will make it. I was looking forward to this - Paul McCartney's ballet and I am a big fan of his. Not so much of the choreographer but you can't have everything.

    Maria, enjoy the day!

  6. Oliviahhhhhhhhhhhhh your Sens beat the crap out of my Sharks. Actually my Sharks didn't bother to show up after the first period. Blech.

    I didn't get a thing done yesterday and now this morning we're out of 1/2 and 1/2 and vegan creamer for our coffees.

    Well actually I did get a few things accomplished yesterday. Wayne took me to the Pub near the Fanno Creek bike trail. I drove. Then we decided to go back to the house since it was EMPTY and we took a "nap". It was very nice. >:)

    But if the kids aren't home to bug us, then the pootie pies showed up in their place. Scratching at the door, meorrrrwing, paws under the door like kitteh zombies.

    Instead of being a Peace activists, I need to start fighting for Peace & QUIET. :)

    Dina, hope you get to the ballet!

  7. It's too late for your mounds of snow, Dina, since we already have the freezing rain. I hope you got to the ballet okay.

    There have been all kinds of interesting freeze and thaw patterns on the lake this season, Farf.

    I'm glad we both got some sleep, Maria.

    Sorry about the hockey loss, Janet, but ... go Sens! :)