Friday, January 13, 2012

Good Night Moon

Taken December 29, 2011.

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  1. Morning all, frosty here which makes a change after the spring-like weather. However, I can say with authority that 44 years ago it was snowing in the south of England. How do I know? Because I was walking up the aisle and under my wedding dress I was wearing thermal underwear!
    It's a hell of a long time to stick together, by today's standards, where on earth did the time go? Never a day without a squabble, but (almost) never a day without a laugh too.

    Have a good day, y'all!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Nicky! It isn't amazing how long you can live with someone (Jim and I celebrated our 40th in 2011) and not kill them? Of course, I guess if you can kill people in books, that's a great outlet. :D

  3. Happy anniversary, Nicky! And both you and Andi are blessed in being in such unions.

    Farf, that was one weird story you posted today!!!!

    Everyone have a good Friday.

  4. I've been mooned!

    Andi, Nicky, that's one reason I love come here. We're only on Year #27 at FAR Manor. It was awfully cold then too. Hmm… I sense a trend…

    Dina, thanks. It's Friday the 13th, after all!

    Really need to get to the mimes…

  5. Happy Anniversary, Nicky!

    I'm finally home - sleep study went okay, though I didn't get a lot of sleep. They let me snooze for a while, then woke me up to put a CPAP mask on me. Then, while I was finally getting really deep sleep, they woke me again, b/c the mask was leaking air. Sigh.

    Did my follow up lung tests in the a.m. - lung capacity is getting better, yay!

    Now I'm home and so ready to nap! Must eat something first.

    I took a few pics @ the hospital for the curious.

  6. Hope you have a good weekend ahead, Dina.

    Ah, it wasn't cold on my wedding day (it was early September) so I'm breaking the trend, Farf.

    Excellent news on the lung capacity, Maria. I hope you get useful results from the sleep study. The place looks really nice but I've got to say the 'get-up' you're wearing doesn't look too relaxing.

  7. Hola. It's almost winter here. Winter Warning in effect this weekend.

    Hugs to everyone!

    Off to read Farf's story.

    KMc! how'd your kitty get it's tail hurt? Ouchiewahwah.

    Mary, skeery commute story. Our roads turn into rinks around here, too. I hate ice. Love snow - hate ice.

    Nicola, take care!

    Beth and my son can go phhhttttfttthhh. GO NEW ENGLAND! (did I say that outloud?) :P

    Kids are off at a hockey game. 16 wins in a row at home. Winterhawks are kicking butt! I smell Memorial Cup run again.

    Oh... and hello Jim and Andi! :) xoxo

  8. Happy anniversary, Nicky, though it's over by now...

    I'm in awe of folks who stay married that long. The only thing I've done that long is breathe. Very cool!

    Glad it's over, Maria. Hopefully they figure out something...

    Freezing in FL tonight, especially after spending 4 hours sitting outside listening to a friend play music. I'm off to crawl under my down comforter and try to thaw out.

    Happy Saturday tomorrow! And GO BRONCOS, Janet!