Thursday, January 5, 2012

Garden of Ice IV

Taken December 12, 17, 25, 2011.
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  1. Pretty ice flowers apropos for yesterday's chill.

    Today, however, practically balmy as the sun returns and we get up to nearly 50F. My poor system is all WTF, winter?

    Mimes day was busy & productive. Hoping today will be the same. Then my usual 3 days off from mime work as I dive back into audio production.

    I have been forced to become clever/DIY-gal. The microphone I bought (Blue Yeti) is VERY sensitive. A good thing, but that also means it picks up every tiny sound in my apartment. I don't have a separate room (it being a studio), so I've cobbled together a quiet corner with acoustic filter behind the mic and behind me, in the kitchen doorway, a tension rod draped in blankets.

    Kind of an on-the-fly sound studio. I am amused.

    I've managed to tweak the settings on Garageband to help flatter my own voice and the situation. Saved it as an "instrument" (their term) called "Maria's Voice". Again, I am amused.

    I love that I'm learning new things!

    Happy Thursday, all.

  2. Maria, I am very impressed with your studio in your studio! I am sure you are learning things. So neat.

    As always, I love these pictures. Never can get enough of the ice gardens. Supposed to be cold up here today then getting warmer. My sinuses are begging winter to please make up its mind!

  3. So pretty, so ephemeral.

    Maria, I'll bet if Kit cuts loose with an attention-demand, no amount of sound-deadening will cut that out!!! Do you turn down the thermostat too? I know a podcaster who has to work around the heat kicking on.

    Morning Dina! Hope your sinuses reach an accommodation with the weather soon!

  4. Forest Taffy!

    My estranged "father" called last night because my brother has screwed him over as well. But I had the most amazing breakthrough. I really let my "father" know the honest, brutal but not cruel, truth and how things were. I said that I didn't need anything from him and I sure didn't need his confessions, apologies or his need to reconnect. I've done really well on my own without a Dad, a brother or even really a Mom.

    I even told him that I didn't even need a father figure all these years. That I grew up to a be a good person and that even the old viet nam veterans and vets for peace types weren't stand ins. I don't need a man or a fatherhead. I'm a good person because I work pretty hard at it. And that because I'm a bleeding heart liberal I will allow him to reach out to me but that since he can't assure me of his doings and people he has in his life won't affect the safetly of my children that this has to be at a far reach and one only that I control.

    It sucked but was also very empowering. I now need to do this with my brother.

    I told John that I felt bad things were so wrong in his life but that I couldn't allow his life to affect that of my children. They don't need his drama... as they don't even need his love or anything. It would have been nice to have a happy ending but I beleive more in reality. That he called ME because HE needed something. No one in either family has ever been there for any of us. That this week was my dead mother's birthday and I'm just now getting her stuff out of my garage and sorted through (which is brutally hard) and that I really didn't want to hear about how the guy who owes John money is now in jail... I. Don't. Need. It.

    But I will talk to him when I can and on my terms and depending on what I'm going through at the time. That any "relationship" with him will be based on my needs and those tend to change.

    He has much to reflect on. Seeing my best friend's son, Matt, last night and NOT saying he should hook up with my brother and hearing my husband say that we could trust Matt with our kid's lives ... kinda all hit home and gave me the kindling I needed. Family is NOT blood and I don't owe blood any more sweat or tears. For 22 years and more really, I've been on my own. And I've created a nice life and family for myslef and my kids and the people I love.

    Some of which are you.

    Sorry this is long, I fee like I just parachuted out of a plane or something.

  5. Andi got delayed up in Indianapolis today so I'll play host.

    Hi all. The frost flowers were great this year. The season is usually over by now, but with the warm up and still wet ground we may have a few more next week.

    Maria, if you need more sound dampening material, we'll send you several pounds of dog fur. But you may need to wait for spring for most of it.

    Janet, you don't need a parachute to go skydiving. You need a parachute to go skydiving a second time.