Monday, January 2, 2012

A Fog of Dogs

Taken December 18, 2011

Taken December 20, 2011.
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  1. Pretty, pretty fog. I could totally take a walk in those woods.

    Winter finally got tired of hanging out with its girlfriends and blew in overnight on gusty winds. Today will be a lot colder than it's been. I'm happy to be at home.

    Weird not going back to work until Weds, then only working 2 days this week. Kind of a not-quite-holiday week vibe with a touch of "shouldn't you be doing something" attached. I guess it's my inherited Puritan work ethic. (seeing as how I'm a transplanted Cuban, not so much with actual Puritans in my bloodline).

    I made a very yummy mac-n-cheese last night - homemade, even shredded the cheese myself. I have the bandage on my thumb to prove it. Made up a double batch. One with ham, one without. Was lovely! 6 servings left if anyone wants to pop in! ::g::

    For those of you not working today, happy observed NY Day!

  2. Those woods look very appealing - definitely worth exploring.

    I hope everyone had a safe new year's and that the rest of the year is good. Here's to health and happiness!

    And Maria, that mac and cheese looked wonderful!

  3. I bet it's colder there than it looks in those pics…

    Maria, I think I'll pass on the mac&cheese with "special protein." :-)

    Off to Mason & Skylar wranging…

  4. Hallooo to all, and what a wonderful foggy wood. Makes me want to go for a long tramp.

  5. Janet & Candis, what did you think of the Winter Classic?

    I thought it was the best one since the series started.

  6. A belated Happy New Year! Busy time with the band on NYE, and then friends from Idaho were here overnight, so we did touristy stuff. Now waiting for my guy to show up for dinner. Cold front screaming through tonight - dropping to freezing, and 46 for a high tomorrow. It was 78 on Sunday - crazy changes! I'm staying inside tomorrow!

    Hope everyone had a wonderful New Year's, are enjoying the bowl games today, and 2012 is the best year ever for everyone!

  7. I'm sure that mac and cheese was great (and grated), Maria, but you're just a tad out of my range for a drop-by dinner. :)

    We had a fine NYE and NYD, Dina. Hope you did too.

    It was pretty cold, Farf, the day of the Sniff fog but in the upper 30s for Bebo's fog.

    You're welcome to come on down here and tramp through our woods any time, Kelly.

    We've had drop from the 40s yesterday to a low of 15 tonight, Beth, but it that seems pretty mild compared to going from 78 to freezing temps. That's brutal.