Friday, January 20, 2012

Creating a Brilliant Ending

Taken January 4, 2012.

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  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous skies!

    Morning, gangstahs! I am up waaay too early thanks to caffeine trumping the Flexeril last night. Off to see the sleep doc in a few for follow up.

    Once again, I rescued kittens in my dreams.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Hi,all. Maria, rescuing kittens is good. Hope you sleep better tonight.

    As always, love the picture.

    Waves to everyone!

  3. Hello!

    Had some flooding here yesterday. My backyard. Was worried about the garage there for a bit. Has all my mom's stuff in it... still.

    Danni's feeling much better. Somewhere along the line she's developed a need for coffee... ugh.

    Maria, hopefully now they can give you the proper treatment and help for you to get on the path to wellness.

    Haven't heard from my brohter in almost a month. We've moved his belongings out into the old explorer so as we can start going through the garage things. I've heard from more co-workers that he's been at a particular bar here on his night off. It's right down the street. If he can go to a bar, he can come pick up his stuff. Or at least call. I don't know what his problem is.

    Went from severe snow storm warnings to severe flooding.

    Gonna try and get some things accomplished today.

  4. Good luck at the doctor's, Maria. We're about to do our own sleep study -- just got our new mattress delivered (the old one was probably 20 years old).

    Dina, it turns out that several inches of rain followed immediately by very cold weather means that you will get to see some more frost flowers -- they're tiny but interestingly twisty.

    Yikes on the flooding, Janet. Glad it stopped before it did any damage.

  5. Evening, all!

    Maria, I'd take dreams of kitten rescue. I'm sure Kit approves too.

    Hi Dina! *waves*

    Janet, sounds like our sitch — we've got stuff from several former boarders laying around the manor — not the flooding (we're on a hilltop, if we get floods, send the ark!). Anyway, put his stuff out at the curb, then go to the bar & let him know it's there for him (or anyone else) to pick up. I missed where Danni wasn't feeling good, she can have a cup of coffee on me. ;-)

    Andi, hope the new mattress gives you much good sleep etc. g/d/r

    The weeeeeeeeekend!!!!!

  6. Wow, how did I not comment all week?! Where have I been? Actually, head down buried in work - back to feast or famine. When you've got the feast, have to pull up to the table. I have a bunch to do right now, but am taking the evening off, after working too many 15-hour days in a row...

    Anyway, hope all are well, doctor visits over, relatives better, weather improving - life settling down to a peaceful pace for all. I'll be watching football on Sunday and rooting against the Patriots (since they walloped my Broncos), but otherwise working - and trying to get out and enjoy gorgeous days while they last.

    Be safe, y'all - and TGIF! And yay for gorgeous pictures!