Friday, January 6, 2012

Color Between the Lines

Taken December 21, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Wow, that looks almost apocalyptic!

    Mason is dozing in my lap at the moment. Hoping to be able to get ready for the mimes soon.

  2. Lovely picture.

    Waves to all and happy Friday!

  3. ::yawns:: Morning, gang!

    Lovely fall photo. I just want to fall into the pretty golden color.

    Slow morning for me today as I contemplate 42.

    Then recording.

    Then napping.

    Happy Friday!

  4. Pretty colors! Warmth is returning - woke up to fog this morning, which was pretty cool, albeit eerie.

    Kind of struggling to find my good mood today - not sure why. I guess I'm overdue, after a slew of stellar days. Hopefully it'll return tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has fun plans for the weekend - mine include live music and football, not necessarily in that order.

    Working on putting my old blog posts into book form, but Blurb is a nightmare with large files. Anyone know of any other programs that won't crash every few minutes and scramble the contents? ARGH!

    TGIF, y'all. I'm off to find decaf...

  5. Jim, loved the idea of you mailing out pounds of doggy hair as noise buffers. I can add some poundage to that from my black labby. She's shedding horribly even now in "winter".

    Love the rich warmth of this photo. I agree with Farf, it does have a finality quality to it.

    Wes day today will be FULL. He's getting a tour of the park that hosts the Portland Timbers with his class and then he comes home early so he can go to work at the Winterhawks. We're all going to the game tonight. Next week his sister and one of her friends who drives is going and will bring Wes home.

    Loving Portland! Happy Friday Campers!

  6. Good gravy that's gorgeous Andi.

    Happy New Year everyone. Hope you all had a nice holiday.

    Janet - Wes' day sounds awesome. :D

  7. Hi everybody . Back home from Indy (Mom got sick while my sister and I were visiting so we stayed overnight). Brain kind of fried and sentences seem like way too much trouble.

  8. Thanks so much, Janet.

    Mom is doing much better and I took a nice walk with the dogs so my brain is feeling better now too.