Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Background Color

Taken January 7, 2012.

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  1. Up and at 'em! Well, up, at least. Trying to feel ready for the mimes today.

    Missed SOTU last night as I went to bed very early. Hoping to catch it online later.

    CPAP coming on Friday, w00t plus insurance covers 100% - hoorah! Am looking forward to sleeping like a real person, instead of someone who stops breathing 70 times an hour. Scary.

    Kelly, loved the pics of romping dogs in the snow! That's just how I like snow - elsewhere. ::g::

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. Just popping in to say happy hump day to all.

  3. Gorgeous colors!!

    Yay for sleeping, Maria. I have a few friends with CPAPs, and they say the difference is amazing. Nice to have that kind of technology available. Good luck with it.

    Had a GREAT play day!! Now it's back to the real world.

    Happy Wednesday, y'all!

  4. Wow, what pinkitude!

    Maria, as I've said before Daughter Dearest has a CPAP. She isn't crazy about it but she uses it and it helps. I'm sure it'll fix what ails ya.

    Hi Dina!

    Beth, good to hear your playday went well. As we used to say at our engineering college, "there is no gravity, the real world sucks." :-P

  5. Maria, I know a number of people who use CPAPs and for whom it has been an absolute life-changing piece of technology. I hope it help you as much as it has them.

  6. Yay for good news and decent insurance, Maria.

    Happy HD to you, Dina.

    Glad you had a good play day, Beth, but too bad about the real world.

    The weird thing about that sunrise color, Farf, is that it's in the southern part of the sky.

    Howdy, Kelly. Same is true for my two friends that use CPAP.