Wednesday, December 7, 2011

We Lichen Rocks

Taken November 10, 2011.

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  1. I am impressed that you are ready to laugh at really bad puns at such an early hour. ;)

  2. Ha!

    Pretty rocks. :)

    Today is the kind of day that makes me VERY glad I have a car & that I have garage parking @ the mimes. Heavy rain all night & continuing on throughout the day. Miserable, but, it could be snow. (Though I do hear winter is perched on the edge of this front and will swoop down tonight).

    Yesterday was Monday repeated: busy all day with stuff for other people. Hoping to catch up on my own stuff today.

    Happy Wednesday!

  3. Andi -- Well, I only slept for 3 hours so that might have something to do with it ... ;-)

    Maria -- congrats on getting the wheels back!

  4. The rocks rock.

    Also have miserable weather today and I am in and out. At least PeaPod is taking care of the grocery shopping!

  5. Off to a rocky start, I see. ;-)

    I'm miming at home, so I might get to see the rain change over to snow this afternoon. Lovely. At least I won't have to drive in it (not so bad as the other drivers freaking out about it).

    Pulling a lot of generic stuff into AuthorIt this week. Keeps me busy. Once the Pyla Crapp finishes "rebooting to install important updates" I'll be back at it…

  6. Punny! But also... cuhreepy. Looks like a makeshift burial. Or perhaps it's some fairy buuried treasure?

    Stuffed up and possibly styed. Gonna be a you know what to work at the mimes today. Wish I could call in. Eeek and it's Senior Entitlement Day.

    Why is it that it's mostly old people who are Republicans and are saying "get a job!" and "pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps!" But they are the group who got the "new deal" and were from the generation where only one partner had to work because pay was good. Things were affordable with one paycheck. They could go see a doctor if they thought they were ill.

    'Course not all old people... but .... I don't like Wednesday Senior day LOL My Sharks are sucking hind titty right now. Pathetic games lately. At least we have the Winterhawks too cheer on.

    Love the animal shots on the side! The owl is gorgeous.

    Portland is getting uber violent lately. Due to the riot cops. I think the more outrageous they get the more people are begining to understand Occupy.

  7. One of these things is not like the others, one of these things…leafs something to be…yeah, no.

    Sorry couldn't resist.

  8. There is no such thing as a bad pun... :)

    Howdy from chilly San Diego! Guess I should have checked the forecast before I packed - shoes? Sweaters? Who needs 'em? So I'm hiding inside. It looks gorgeous out there, but cold for a FL girl.

    Working from my friend's apartment today. We plan to drive around and look at Christmas lights tonight. Day one of my endless winter trip...I agree, Kelly, I can't wait to get home.

    Stay warm, y'all!

  9. Looks like our rain is now visiting you, Maria. We had over 3 inches in 24 hours.

    And it hits NJ as well. Sorry both of you.

    So Farf, snow or rain or both?

    Thanks for mentioning the critters, Janet. I forget to change the slide show so often that I'm never sure if people notice when I do.

    Nice bad pun, Kelly. But not as bad a bad pun as mine. :P

    Maybe this will make you feel a little less chilly, Beth -- they're forecasting a low of 18 her Friday night. Anyway, hope you enjoy the lights.