Monday, December 26, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Taken December 5, 2011.

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  1. How much is that doggie in the window? ;)

    Happy Boxing Day, y'all! I'm having another nice, quiet day @ home with the kitty. Mentally prepping for return-to-mimes day tomorrow. Had lovely chats with mom & sis yesterday and watched Doctor Who all day.

    Wishing you all a lovely day of recuperation!

  2. Morning Gang!!!

    Wonderful Christmas morning with the fam.
    Afternoon meal at my aunt's then ended with a visit with a friend/former student working in Dubai.

    Our crazy piece was daughter making croquembouche--a puff pastry tree. Ended up more surreal Salvidor Dali tree. But tasted great. Covering it to travel was a trick. Too tall for a cake dome. So I rigged three bamboo skewers and draped it all in press and seal wrap. She sat holding it in a laundry basket in the backseat of sonboy's honking big pickup truck.

    Dina, the Monkey Bread recipe is easy. Use package of Rhodes frozen rolls. Spray bundt pan. Dip frozen rolls in melted stick of butter then mixture of cup of brown sugar, 1/4 cup sugar, 1 box butterscotch pudding, 2 T cinnamon. Place in pan. Pour in any left over sugar mixture and then any left over butter. You can put in chopped nuts too.
    Cover with foil and let sit on counter all night for rolls to rise. 350 degrees 25-35 minutes. Major cinnamon sugar yeasty rush.

    Time for breakfast now that I've described all this good food.
    I'm starting a new eating regimine so eggs and whole wheat toast for me this morning. Veggies, fish and chicken this week.

    Maria, I need to come ride your bike.

    A restful relaxing day to all.

  3. Lisa, thanks for the recipe.

    Maria, enjoy the quiet day.

    Waves to everyone else.

  4. Fantastic shot! Love it!

    Had a Merry Merry, we're all stuffed and happy.

    Kids made a video with some help from their Dad.

    It's hockey related and has a slight nod to a Dylan video :)

    Hope all are rested and ready.

  5. That doggie is priceless. :)

    I'm really happy to hear you had a great holiday, Lisa. I hope the rest of your winter break is equally delightful.

    Waves to Dina.

    Fun video to watch, Janet. I'll bet the kids had fun doing it.