Sunday, December 25, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Have a berry, berry, berry Christmas

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Maniac Magee
by Jerry Spinelli
(Excerpt from Chapter 31)

Snow had fallen several days before. In much of the town it had been plowed, shoveled, and slushed away; but in the park -- along the creek, the woods, the playing fields, the playground -- it still lay undisturbed, save for the tracks of rabbits and squirrels. Beyond the tall pines, stars glittered like snowflakes reluctant to fall.

They visited their tree. They stood silently, just to be near it, letting the magic of it drift over them. In the pine-patched moonlight, the Queen Anne's goblets looked for all the world like filigreed silver.

They walked the creek woods all the way to the zoo, meandering wordlessly throughout the snowy enchantment. As if by design, they both stopped at the same spot, above the half-submerged, rooty clump of a fallen tree. Somewhere under there, they knew, was the den of a family of muskrats. The old man laid a pine branch at the doorway. Maniac whispered: "Merry Christmas."


  1. Gorgeous!!

    Hope you all have a lovely Xmas day. I seem to have gotten a stocking full of insomnia as my gift. ::g::

    At least, I can spend the day slacking, as I've been the entire holiday weekend. Too soon returning to uber-productive land, so taking advantage, as it were.

    Eat well, enjoy the day!

  2. Hi Maria, my brain seemed to give an early wake up call to my body this morning. We don't think too many bow hunter's will be out today so we're going to give ourselves and the dogs a long walk. Have a great slacking day.

  3. Happy Merry from Texas!!

    Sonboy arrived at 2:30 this morning heralded in by the dogs. So all is not stirring in my house right now. Except me and quiet be good. The critters demand their rightful breakfast or snacks on time.

    The Monkey Bread is rising on the counter and egg casserole will be put together in a bit. Then over to my aunt's for a midday meal.

    Enjoying being a pit stop for some rather than the focal point for all.

    Safe and enjoyable day to all.

  4. Merry Christmas! I hope you spend the day exactly as you please. There are a few random snowflakes drifting onto the grass, which is enough to call it a white Christmas for me.

    Family coming later. And tomorrow I go home - yay!

    Have a wonderful holiday, y'all. Be safe. Big hugs!

  5. Merry Christmas to those celebrating!

    Insomnia hit me too - could not fall asleep. Luckily I could sleep in.

    Lisa, glad that sonboy is home. And tell more about the monkey bread! Sounds good to me.

    Waves to everyone.