Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Outside Looking Out

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by Adélia Prado

A pretty word, window.
Window: the wingbeat of the yellow butterfly.
Two carelessly painted wooden shutters open out,
clumsy blue window.
I jump in and out of you, ride you like a horse,
my foot dragging the ground.
Window on the open world, from where I saw
Anita, expecting, get married, Pedro Cisterna’s
mother urinating in the rain, from where I saw
my love arrive on a bicycle and say to my father:
I have only the best intentions regarding your daughter.
O wooden-latched window, child’s play for thieves,
peephole on my soul,
I look into my heart.


  1. Morning!

    Haven't been around much lately. Mason was whiny & clingy the last couple of days, but wanting to cling to Mrs. Fetched even though it was me with him. So yesterday, I really didn't feel like getting out but went to see DD anyway because Mason didn't want her to leave w/o him. Good thing I went — DD's car battery died & her battery terminals were barely useful. Her batt was under partial warranty, so we got out for $50.

    Poem? Maybe song lyrics? I don't need it this year for a change, so I'll pass this Bob Rivers gem along to Janet so she can use it with her brother:

    We wish you weren't living with us,
    We wish you weren't living with us,
    We wish you weren't living with us,
    We're not happy you're here!

    You drive everybody crazy,
    You're hopelessly fat and lazy,
    You're constantly in the way here
    So pack up your gear!

    You're feeding your face,
    You're taking up space.
    We wish you weren't living with us,
    We're not happy you're here!

    For breakfast you're eating steak,
    And are those long-distance calls you're making?
    How long do you plan on taking
    Advantage of us?

    We wish you weren't living with us,
    We wish you weren't living with us,
    We wish you weren't living with us…
    Get out of town! (Now!)

  2. Adore this picture - too many thoughts on it to even formulate a sentence. Going to look some more.

    Happy Sunday, all.

  3. ROFLMAO Farf :)

    Hrmmm. Kinda of a skeery picture!

    Got a tree up. The farm was fantastic! Gonna be a tradition from now on. A Noble Fir and the kitties haven't killed it. Yay!

    And the kids were totally hooked on Neverwhere movie. Did the first part last night after a horrible Sharks game.

  4. Hey Farf, great song! Glad the saga of the dead battery didn't set you back too much.

    Glad you liked the photo, Dina. I took several pictures of the building, but the reflection of the tree and sunset and the warm color of the brick were what I liked the best.

    Have a good time decorating your tree, Janet, and enjoy the piney smell.

  5. Not feeling poetic today but I did laugh at this video:
    Absolutely daft but very funny!

  6. Passing through and waving on my way to my evening thud. Been a busy couple of days doing book promotion, but that's finally slowing down.


  7. Waving from the end of a long but relaxing day. Hope everyone has a good week ahead. Stay warm!