Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Poetry Post

Floral Fungus

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Dirge in Woods
by George Meredith

A wind sways the pines,
And below
Not a breath of wild air;
Still as the mosses that glow
On the flooring and over the lines
Of the roots here and there.
The pine-tree drops its dead;
They are quiet, as under the sea.
Overhead, overhead
Rushes life in a race,
As the clouds the clouds chase;
And we go,
And we drop like the fruits of the tree,
Even we,
Even so.


  1. Jim, it looks like a floral marshmallow. Nature does such interesting things.

    More furniture shifting, closet cleaning,and getting rid of stuff. Purging B Good. Brother is coming by to pick up things he'd left in the closet. Love it.

    I'm finally getting to organize MY stuff where and how I want to. Told hubby I was working to make house like I want it for our future, not just stop gap cleaning.

    Two weeks and then Winter break. Will be nice to have more concentrated time off. The kiddos keep a coming, so plenty of job security.

    Raining here. We still need to refill the lakes and aquifers. Supposed to dip into the 20s in the next few days so hope we don't end up losing a school day because of bad weather. But can't really complain with badly needed precip involved.

    Maria, Happy Dance for you having wheels again.

    Farf, Hope you and Mason are feeling better soon. Colds are no fun at all.

    Andi, I loved the creepy crawly flora on rock. You have such an eye for the unusual.

    Waves to travelers Beth and Dina. Enjoy the off time Kelly. Here's hope for a diagnosis for Janet and ways to combat the ills.

    Sensational Sunday to All that Follow.

  2. Wow, Lisa. only 2 more weeks. My school (It always will be I suppose.) is going right through Friday the 23rd. Then their back on Jan 3. Shortest break I can recall.

    I couldn't figure out what caused that mushroom to split like flower petals. We'd had several cool wet days when it emerged followed by a freezing night and morning. I'm guessing that the freezing caused it to split.

    Have a good week with you kids.

  3. That's beautiful!

    Here's the video from the game last night. Winterhawks slaughtered Seattle 7 to 1.

    Wes and his buddy Conall

    Me and Danni

  4. Hi, all. Back from a fabulous trip but too tired to write about it. Maybe tomorrow.

  5. Jim, something about that mushroom got me thinking.

    It reminded me of something and I started dancing arond a bit and being a goof in the kitchen and that's when it hit me...


    And then I instantly remembered the mushroom dance in Fantasia.

  6. Janet, Andi & I loved the Teddy Bear toss. That is so cool and beats octopi all to hell!!! Wes and Dani are looking so grown up.

    Off to bed soon with mushrooms dancing in my dreams.

    Hi, Dina. Glad you had a good trip.