Friday, December 16, 2011


Taken November 21, 2011.

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  1. Whoa, funky!

    Just scribbling on the VGW… up when I should be & have the house to myself (people are here, but asleep).

    After today, it's a 2-week staycation for me. At least there are no more chicken houses to deal with.

  2. Very cool! Love the fall colors.

    Last day in Mexico. Heading to NH tomorrow. It's been a good week, but still hard to be away from home. And now heading to cold climes. BRRRR. But it'll be good to see my family.

    Hope everyone has a stellar weekend!

  3. Oooh, layers! Like a leaf/water cake.

    Farf, yay for staycation!

    Beth, happy travels!

    @ the mimes for work then holiday party (which is at local restaurant). I think I'd rather be napping. ;) Weather is far too warm again - 55F now. 2 yrs ago, the snowpocalypse began the night of our holiday party. Go figure.

    Happy weekend, yo!

  4. Love this picture.

    Safe travels and safe partying, people.

    Off to the gym.

  5. OOH OOH OOH!!!

    Love this Andi.

    A natural made collage, Tree.


  6. Hello.

    Got my schedule for nest "week".

    I'll be working every day straight up to xmas eve. Why? because even though we are making so much money a week, they haven't increased the labor expense...

    merry merry.

    I've got to figure out how to get all I need to get done to have christmas stuff for my family so that I can spend 6 days straight scanning food.

    I'll see you on the flip side of this madness.

    Oh, the crows are just loving the Honey Bunnies (Annies Organic version of "cheerios") Have squirrels and crows rummaging my front yard for the past 2 hours :)

  7. Here's some good stuff.

    This is from a new's show about Wes' best friend, Conall, from back in Sept when his Make a Wish was granted. I don't believe Wes makes an appearance of any of it but it's a WONDERFUL clip about a great group and an incredible young man.