Thursday, December 8, 2011

Speckled Things

Taken November 14, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Ooh, more impressionistic pretties!

    Dreaded insomnia last night. Ah well. I had a good streak going earlier in the week.

    The storm arrived and dumped > 3" of rain on us and left us with beautiful blue skies and LOTS cooler.

    ::am ready for weekend::

  2. Morning! That photo looks kind of icy toward the bottom, nice effect from reflected sky.

    Just rain here, Andi. And a lot of wind.

    Maria, hope the insomnia left you able to function today.

    I finally managed to do in a wasp that's been skulking around the bedroom for a week yesterday. It took chemical warfare in the end, but he got his one-way ticket on the Septic Express. And I laid down a lot instead of working. I will be SO glad when this cold is over.

  3. Maria, so sorry about the insomnia. Hope you sleep well tonight.

    Farf, hope the cold goes the way of the wasp.

    Today we have sun for which I am grateful after all the rain yesterday!

    Love this photo though it gives me the chills. I agree that it looks most icy.

  4. Yuck on the rain and no sleep, Maria, but blue skies are nice. We finally got some today ourselves.

    Hope you feel better soon, Farf ... but at least you feel better than that wasp.

    It's interesting that the photo makes people think of cold, Dina, because it was quite balmy that day.

  5. It is strange, Andi, but it reminded me of ice. Thus the cold.