Thursday, December 22, 2011

Signs of Things to Come

Greetings to Winter 2011

Taken November 29, 2011.

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  1. 'Tis lovely, indeed, but yoikes! Though I do know we're probably in for another 'pocalypsemaggedon this winter.

    Working @ the mimes from home today, then going into a 4-day weekend, w00t! Going to spend it recording audio and reading.

    What's everyone else got planned for the holidays?

  2. Spending tomorrow night with friends then vegging.

    I may even indulge in the classic Jewish celebration of Christmas and order Chinese.

    Happy holidays to all!

  3. Hooray, white Christmas for the Fs!

    Another morning spent taking care of rugrats. I did get a chunk of evening free last night & got 800 words down though, so it's not all bad.

    Off to poke at some laundry. Mrs. Fetched is baby-sitting Big V & Daughter Dearest is trying to get the rugrats to nap out for a while.

  4. Sounds like a fine holiday plan, Maria. I like them quiet. We'll have a nice quiet Christmas but a noisy Christmas Eve when we go over to Cincy to celebrate with Jim's brother and his family.

    Chinese sounds really good to me, Dina -- though when I was a kid, we mostly had cold cuts on Christmas but we were always non-traditional in our Jewish traditions. :)

    No white Christmas for us, Farf. That snow was three weeks ago and we'll be in the 40s all week, including Christmas Day.

  5. We had 55 in NH today, but they're calling for an inch of snow overnight. My sis says she'll drive us around tomorrow - me, I'd stay in bed and wait for spring!

    Hopefully everyone has a mild winter - I'll send as much sunshine as I can spare, once I get home next week.

    Christmas Eve with my BIL's family for a seafood dinner, then Christmas Day here with a couple of family members. Then I fly home Monday at noon.

    I agree, andi - love Scrooged. I've missed all the Christmas specials, tho, with my traveling. I know we'll watch A Christmas Story on Sunday...

    Stay warm, y'all!