Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Shadow of Design

Taken December 7, 2011.

Click image to see larger version


  1. Ooh, stairs leading to so many possibilities... Love it!

    Breaking the VGW at the ungodly hour of not-yet-6 a.m. - melatonin works great, but sometimes I wake up too early. I did get in 6 solid hours of sleep, so that's something!

    Mimes gave me a busy/productive day yesterday with bonus!annoying child (boss's 7 y.o.) - the kid is FULL of energy and will not shut up. I am NOT good with kids of the non furry persuasion.

    Hoping he stays home with the nanny today.

    I did finagle Tuesday 1/3 off, so I have a 5-day weekend ahead, woohoo!!

    Now, what's for breakfast?

  2. Also love the picture! Great designs on the wall.

    Maria, here's to a childless work day. I am with you in preferring the furry kind.

    Waves to everyone following!

  3. Morning! Nice play of light & shadow here.

    Maria, rug rats are like fur babies, they like to be noticed & adored, and both will persist until they get what they want. ;-) Seeing as It's the boss's kid, a little attention can go a long way. :-D

    Hi Dina!

    Mason is happily being the conductor & Godzilla on his train set. As usual. The Boy's car broke down yesterday, with him with them, and so they're here for another day (if the car can be fixed quickly). They may end up taking my car until we can swap out later on. But he was more than ready to get home.

  4. With you guys on the fur kids - don't have the mothering instinct unless it has four legs...

    Sunny but cool in NEFL today - but since I'm not going outside for a few hours, it doesn't really matter. Back to 70 by the weekend - and I'm not wearing long johns inside! Woo hoo!

    Hope everyone has a stellar Hump Day!

  5. Wes travels in to the city today on his own via bus then max train. He's working three games this week.

    I'm a mess!

    These are the times that try Mom's souls...

  6. Happy very, very long weekend, Maria. And yay for the 6 hours of sleep (I consider that a good number too.)

    Hi, Dina. Getting ready to wave bye-bye to 2011?

    We could use some pictures of Mason and his train set, Farf.

    And a very happy warm day to you, Beth. We had snow yesterday but it wasn't that much and it's all gone now.

    Didn't you give him instructions to call you every 5 minutes so you know everything is okay? That's what my mom would have done (if they had had cell phones when I was a kid).

  7. Calling that often would have been a huge distraction for him actually :)

    But he did make it and called home just now to let me know. Whooot!

    For KMac's Pooties!