Friday, December 2, 2011

Over the Edge

Taken November 7, 2011.

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  1. The flora is crawling! ::g::

    Early doc appt today. Follow up with lung doc. Then back to work @ the mimes from home for this lovely Friday.

    Today marks 1 month since the tire blowout--on the way to the same doc. So frustrating.

    The weather is gorgeous - 50s for a high, clear & sunny. Perfection!


  2. Drive by hi to all. Headed out of town for a few days. See you all when I get back!

  3. Oh my ... that is ... so amazing. Andi, I love it!

    Maria -- I can't believe the troubles you're having with the car. :(

  4. Maria, I cannot believe it has been a month (otoh, our three-month old washer was out-of-commission for a month before they simply gave up and gave us a new one, so maybe I can believe it).

    Have a great trip, Dina.

    Thanks, Candis. It was one of those shots that really appealed to me but that I wasn't sure would to other folks.

  5. Keep all your digits crossed, peeps! I just heard back from the shop, my car will be ready today!!!!

    The one caveat, that they must finish their work before 5, so they can take it to alignment shop & get that done. Because then, they need to bring back to shop & reflash the computer. My mechanic closes at 8, so plenty of time, but alignment shop closes @ 5.

    In any case, I can also pick up and bring back for alignment, but I'd rather not have to.


    Also of the good, went to lung doc and found out that my BP is NOT skyrocketing (a possibility w/prednisone). They're tapering me down to 20mg/day for 2 weeks; then down to 10mg. Whee!

  6. Yay, Maria! And fingers crossed for everything getting done today.

  7. woo with a side of hoo! They just called and my car is READY!

    I'll have to wait until 5 to leave the office, but BOY am I glad.

    Thanks for all your support. :)

  8. ::waving a very happy good-bye to Maria as she leaves work to get her car::


    ::hugs tight::

  10. Hooray for getting you car back, Maria.

    Life has been passing strange here the last couple of days. I've had nothing at all I _had_ to be doing. Spent a two hours talking with a friend yesterday morning, and then went on an hour-long tromp through the woods with two giant white dogs and their owner, and had another lovely chat. I'm loving the break, and I expect to be completely enraptured by time off for about two weeks. At which point I will start to go bughouse over not having a writing project that needs doing, and will have to make something up.

  11. Hooray Maria!

    KMc! I have Gaiman Envy LOL Loved the Friday Puddy photos today.

    News is: I have to be tested for Crohn's and MS. MS would explain my vertigoo and other symptoms - such as my "schlurriness" of speech and vision in the mornings for weeks at a time and then I'm fine. Severe fatigue after vertigo episodes... so it was a sad day at the docs but also a hopeful one as answers are good things to have. I hate vertigo! and having some idea of how to possibly manage it better is "good" news for me.

    Wes is at the hockey game working. We're not there.. so it's kinda odd. He's with a job coach and the train ride share aide. I've called his name several times in the house LOL expecting a return "what?"

    Got our teddy bears for the teddy bear toss hockey game tomorrow. It's our favorite game of the season. Bears go to local charity. It's quite the sight to see!

    Saw BOHICA last night at his show and he is quite the frontman! We sat up close as he saved a seat for us... the seats with his coat and guitar cases :) fantastic show!!! And he wore a Daily Kos orange bandana.

  12. Pssst Andi, I loved the photo today. It's like a scarf for a rock. :)

    Who else is loving the show "Grimm"? Only one problem... the finance is a total whinepuss and looks so candyarse fake (sorry, I like the "reality" look like on BBC shows). Kill her off NOW. Love the shots of Portland in it. But no one here does flash mob YMCA on the Max. And no one takes out Lotus or does Voodoo for dessert. That was so over the top... blech. :)

  13. Maria, so happy you got your car back!!! But I'm sure my happiness doesn't come close to yours.

    Janet, the Teddy bear toss sounds so cool. That must be why it has to be on ice.

    Night all